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"Please, don't, really."

by: XxReDxX


Other Thoughts:

Unless you have a ****load of money and time to sink into this game, don't bother. It is a relentless grind with very few quests or rewards. I played for 3 years hoping for improvements.

This game is run by a company who leases it from its developers. This means that when something goes wrong they have to contact the developers in Korea, it can take anywhere from weeks to years to get glitches fixed (and there are plenty that never do)

Not Pay2Play, buuut...-Once you hit about level 90 (cap is 160 now) you will not be able to level efficiently without buying In game items such as boosters and Platinum Irises from AG or you will have to buy them with in game gold from someone who paid real cash for them. Once you hit lvl 109 you will gain like 1-2% of a lvl per hour WITH these cash items.

Raid System (LoLs)--there is 1 raid, you have to be max lvl to even enter it..

PvP- It's terrible at best. Class balance is way off and you have to buy Cash items to even see the other players health.
If you go to the forums and ask about a glitch or a problem the gm's and gs's(gamesage) will just try to make you go through your PC drivers and such, insisting its not a server side problem, etc. I build PC's all the time. I know what DirectX, drivers, etc are. I let them know that and they just start trying to belittle you if they know other people are reading about a glitch in their precious game.
I could go on and on about the reasons I don't play anymore..but some of you will just have to find out the hard way..



by: Rob


Other Thoughts:

Great graphics, controls a little sticky in places but overall you cant complain when its free to play

by: Karolis


Other Thoughts:

This rpg game is cool

"Stupid, stupid game...but fun if you wanna hack it ;)"

by: LCSucks


Other Thoughts:

If you don't have the game you can get it here:

The following is a report that I put together for a GM in the U.S. version of the game who left before I could give it to him. Since the other GMs saw fit to give me a permanent forum ban for joking with a friend after all I have done to help other player of the game, I will give it to you. Hack the hell out of it (since most people will be after I am done). They are not detectable in any way, even in the logs, and I doubt if a GM did catch you using one (with the exception of running speed) they wouldn't even know it.

For this you will need Cheat Engine (google it) or a similar program that can modify memory values.

Open cheat engine first and then load Last Chaos in windowed mode. Click on the top left button of Cheat Engine and select the process "NKSP.EXE"

Attack Speed:
The following will allow you to make your attack around 4x faster than normal. In the game, make a new character, a titan. Now in cheat engine set "Scan Type" to Exact Value, and "Value Type" to 4 bytes. Then, with your weapon equipped, type in 14 in the "Value" box (make sure hex isn't checked) and click "First Scan". After it is done scanning, unequip your weapon in the game, then type in 20 in the "Value" box and click "Next Scan". You should be left with only 2-3 addresses in the Found box at this point. If you need to narrow it down some more, repeat the process doing "next scan" a couple times, and soon you should only have 1 left. Double click that value to add it to the bottom box where you can edit the value.

Now once you have the value you can go and make the desired class and use it on any of them. When you want to speed it up, check the "Frozen" box next to the value, then double click on the number in the "Value" column. Lower it to any speed that you like, 1 being the fastest that it will go. Keep in mind that if you are far away from the servers the attack packets will stack because of lag and this will DC you, but if you have a good connection with little to no lag from the servers you can attack anywhere from 4x-6x faster (that is 4 through 6 hits in the time of 1 normal hit). If you start getting DCs from it, just set the value a little higher (anything from 1-8 will be faster than any character can attack normally).

Running Speed:
Since you will be killing so fast, it's a good idea to bump up your running speed so that it doesn't take you as long to run from monster to monster. To do this, all you need to do is make a new Knight character and have a couple of haste potions. In cheat engine, set the "Scan Type" to Exact Value and the "Value Type" to Float. Once you are in game, type 6 in the "Value" box (again, make sure Hex isn't checked) and click "First Scan". After the search is over, use a Haste potion and while it is running type in 7 in the "Value" box and click "Next Scan". After the haste wears off, type 6 in the "value" box and hit "Next Scan" again. Now change the "Scan Type" to Unchanged Value and click "Next Scan" again. You should be left with only 1-2 addresses in the found box. It's not the green one so double click on the black one and it should add it to the bottom box for editing.

Once it is there, click the "Frozen" checkbox and double click the value of the address in the Value column. Now, characters normally run at a value of 6-8.5 and mounts alrways run at a value of 15. You will get stuttering if you set it too fast so for traditional running I suggest a value of 12.5 at the most, and on a mount a value of 25 at the most. Either way and you will be running like the wind ;)

Monster Levels:
This one isn't as cool as the other 2, but useful never the less. With any character go outside the north gate of juno and target a Fox. Set "Scan Type" to Exact Value and "Value Type" to 4 Bytes. Then, with the Fox still targeted but not being attacked (right click on them to do this) type 1 in the "Value" box and click "First Scan". After it is done, find a Wolf (the smaller ones) and target it like you did the Fox. Then, type 2 in the "Value" box and click "Next Scan". After it is finished, find an Elder Wolf, target it, type 3 in the "Value" box and click "Next Scan". After it is done you should only have one value left in the found box, so double click it and add it to the bottom box.

Now, this isn't one that you change, it just tells you what level monster you are fighting, which may make it easier than looking for a guide that has all the levels listed. Unfortunatly, it doesn't work with other players.

Attack Range (for ranged players like Mages, Healers, and Rogues using crossbows):
This hack can increase your attack range to 2x the normal distance. To do this, make a new rogue and enter the game and collect enough gold to buy a crossbow but hold on to your daggers. First, set "Scan Type" to Exact Value and "Value Type" to Float. Then in game, equip your daggers on your rogue, type 2 in the "Value" box and click "First Scan". After it has finished scanning, go back to the game and equip your crossbow. Go back to cheat engine and type 15 in the "Value" box and click "Next Scan". Once finished, re-equip your daggers, type 2 in the "value" box and click "Next Scan" again. You should be left with 2-3 values in the Found box, and if you watch them there is probably only one that says the same. Double click it to add it to the bottom box for editing. If you still have too many results, repeat the process a couple times to narrow the results down some more.

As always, first click the "Frozen" checkbox and double click the value in the "Value" column. Now, with the crossbow equipped (remember this only works for ranged players), change the value to 30. Now you can attack monsters from far, far away. After you have the value you can switch to whatever character you would like to use it on. Remember, little things can block your fire so if you attack without doing damage, move a little closer and try again.

WARNING: Using either the Attack Speed hack or the Attack Range hack is VERY noticable on ranged players, so be careful if you are going to use it.

That is pretty much it. Now remember to be careful around GMs and players you don't know with these. Like I said, they are 100% undetectable by the servers and the logs, and I strongly doubt that anyone will change that (the developers for this game are lazier than hell). And if any GM sees this, thank SusanRev and Magda for banning me and being total a**holes. This is what happens when you sh*t on your players. Have fun!

"Pay to Play"

by: -=SKI=-


Other Thoughts:

I cut and pasted this right out of the user agrrement. Once your hooked, your gonna have to pay to get that weapon you need, etc.

7. Fees
Certain areas of the Site may charge fees to access and acquire certain game items of participate in game activites on the Site. ANY APPLICABLE FEES AND OTHER CHARGES ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE AND ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN WHOLE OR IN PART. AGE may, from time to time, modify, amend, or supplement its fee and billing methods, and post those changes on the Terms of Use page or elsewhere on the Site. Such modifications, amendments or supplements shall be effective immediately upon posting on the Site. If any change is unacceptable to you, you may cancel your account at any time, but AGE will not refund any fees that may have accrued to your account before such cancellation, and we will not pro-rate fees for any charges.

You may pay for any applicable fees and charges by major credit card, PayPal� or such other methods authorized by AGE.

"Play this game!"

by: kfb1960


Other Thoughts:

Great graphics, excellent gameplay, and friendly community. There are options for Pvp, or nonPvp environments, and lots of events. This is how MMORPGs should be. My only complaint is that some quests take a lonnnnggggg time to complete due to the drop rate.

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