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Other Thoughts:

Best of the current breed of sidebars! Runs fast,doesn't hog resources,has LOTS of skins and plugins. A must have for anybody running XP that wishes they had the vista sidebar! 5 stars!


by: Tapionp


Other Thoughts:

great. and whats wrong with linux ;)

"Excellent Program"

by: Merlin


Other Thoughts:

I have Windows XP and am running this without a glitch. I have installed several of the themes and its still working great! Lots of features to keep organized. Everyone should use this!!


by: Bullish McGee


Other Thoughts:

The people here who "claim" this program crashes their system must have the I.Q. of a slug. It works fine, the plugins work fine. PLEASE get a life and a clue you MORONS! These rejects are probably Linux-lovers anyhow.


by: elbornavatar


Other Thoughts:

The download results in a win 3.1 installer. It then asks for reboot, and after rebooting the taskbar promply crashes!

For XP, I dont think so...

"usefull all in one"

by: cariplino72


Other Thoughts:

all in one program fully customizable.


by: Derek


Other Thoughts:

Gets a poor, yes for some reason whenever i try loading a plugin that isnt most recent it crashes.... and I dont like the way it looks, dont like any of its skins, i just.. hate it.


by: Gamanade


Other Thoughts:

First of all, the first guy must suck. anyway, this is an awesome program. it has weather,time, alarm clocks, news, pictures, skins and alot more....i would rate it a ten.....


by: Jake


Other Thoughts:

tested it on like 5 computers. crashes on all of em after installing plugins.

"Best Sidebar"

by: The DataRat


Other Thoughts:

Best of the desktop sidebars !

The DataRat


by: ERR


Other Thoughts:

Well I like it but these programs tend to crash my computer... [I dont know about you] and I dont like it if they take up too much screen space (although it does have autohide) So ill give it a 6/10=3/5 (would give it a 7/10 but i cant do that)

"You're totally wrong Karol!"

by: MarkM


Other Thoughts:

How could you make up such a lie about this program? This software is excellent!

"No way!"

by: Karol


Other Thoughts:

Little functions, not customizable practically.

Results: 1-13 of 13 Total Found