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"The World Wide Web has moved on...well away from XPize"

by: Archie Frazer


Other Thoughts:

Whether we are talking about XPize Full or Lite the problem with this Shell Enhancement is that it is currently, and has been for a while now, hopelessly out of date.

WHY? Because, to put it bluntly, there's tons of free stuff out there on the Web which are way better - both in terms of overall visual style and impact on your system configuration - which , as far as XPize Lite is concerned, I'll grant you that, is not too heavy.

Let me give you just one example though: the original look of the XP taskbar and start button. They obviously suck and they suck so much that as soon as they could most XP users rushed to get a Vista visual style, just to get rid of them.

Now, XPize doesn't deal with this issue, it never has.

But there is a simple solution to this problem. Get a Theme Patch, tailor-made for your XP version, and the smallest Vista visual style for XP there is, VistaZ4.

Download the zip file from Belchfire, unzip it, copy the tiny folder and paste it into WINDOWS/Resources/Themes. NOW, right click on your desktop, click on Properties,click on the Appearance tab of the Properties dialog box and select VistaZ4 from the dropdown menu.Click on Apply, wait for the skin to take, and then click on OK.

You are done. You now have a nice round start button and a sleek clean taskbar. I also use
Sarbyx TrayClock with the SBGS skin, but that's just me.

If then you want to add all sorts of "bells and whistles" (icons,folders,startup and shutdown screens etc.) you of course are free to do so.

I know I don't. But that's just me, again.

P.S. - The zip file for VistaZ4 is a mere 1.84 MB. Get it at:

UXTheme Patcher and Sarbyx TrayClock are both available here at FreewareFiles.




Other Thoughts:

how to download free this software

"Nice Theme"

by: Al


Other Thoughts:

Nice blue theme.Install only components that you need-it gives you that option. You can also uninstall parts of this program that you do not like. The bootscreen is unattractive and blocks the checkdisk window. The screensaver is also sad.

"Not good when it deletes system files"

by: winsimple.hyperphp.c


Other Thoughts:

It made my PC look real nice till I got tired of it and uninstalled it. When I did, Windows Media Player would not load when I tried to start it, it said "There is a problem with the installation of Windows Media Player and must be installed again." When I reinstalled WMP, and error came up in the installation about a missing dll called something like frame_enc.dll. This must be fixed before I'll install it again.

"Good but Not Great"

by: extrap


Other Thoughts: UI skins are significantly better than XPize IMO.

by: XeL


Other Thoughts:

This just speed up your comeputer and looks soso cool, download it now i say :) *****

"Crashed My XP Pro"

by: Paul


Other Thoughts:

This program completely erased my operating system.That could be due to the fact that my Windows XP Pro was rebuilt from a Windows 98,i dont know, but it did erase my operating system and had to be put in the shop to be completely reprogrammed before it would work again.

"good stuff"

by: Mike


Other Thoughts:

Have used this for a while but have not tried this update. However, the version I am using is great, no probs at all only a little slower at startup.

"keep off"

by: miffed


Other Thoughts:

crashed system at start up, had to boot in safe mode remove and then reboot!


by: Fly


Other Thoughts:

Download was fairly quick with DSL. Installation was easy as well. It really gives a more polished look to the user interface. So far I have had no gliches or system instability and no noticable increase in CPU usage. It takes take an extra minute during bootup but it is well worth it. Hats off to the IT Guys who put this together.

"not sure!!!"

by: venom


Other Thoughts:

froze 2-3 tyms when i tried 2 download it


by: NA


Other Thoughts:

Isn't this the theme called Energy blue? It's included with Windows Xp media center edition.

"add some intrest to windows"

by: atty


Other Thoughts:

program works fine, justs makes windows a little more sleek than the average, found no spyware or add ware in this package

"This is brilliant"

by: AzzY


Other Thoughts:

doesnt slow down your computer unlike Vista, looks nice. Go for it people.. :)


by: xxpagxx


Other Thoughts:

This is a truly great program. It makes your computer look a lot better and can safely be removed if you choose to uninstall it!

But, it does make your boot time take a little longer :(. But thats ok because this just kicks ass.


by: Peter


Other Thoughts:

Amazing sofware. A must have.

"Great xp customize !!!"

by: Adrians


Other Thoughts:

best xp customize... thanks...


by: wrterair


Other Thoughts:



by: wseem


Other Thoughts:

i m using it from long period of time i tried others but xpize is simply "outsatanding"


by: Daka


Other Thoughts:

i work on design,and i can say that this program is very good. :)

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