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"It's Clean"

by: Admin

Rufus 3.0.1304 / 3.1.1317 Beta


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"Evil software program!"


Rufus 3.0.1304 / 3.1.1317 Beta



Evil software! FOR ABSOLUTELY SURE! USE A FINE HIPS and you'll see for yourself!

Other Thoughts:

Stay away of this!

"Great for Linux"

by: col_panek

Rufus 2.14



The easiest way to try Linux. Now you have no excuse.

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by: shnbwmn

Rufus 2.6



Easy to use, fast, does a good job.


None that I have encountered so far.

Other Thoughts:

Probably the best of these types of programs that I've used. I can create a bootable USB within minutes.

"Use this for making bootable Win7/8 USB Thumbdrives"

by: Boaz

Rufus 2.1



Simple operation. Reads from ISO images.

Other Thoughts:



by: James

Rufus 1.4.11 Beta / 1.4.10



Makes formatting in UDF simple


Needs way to disable auto updates

Other Thoughts:

Perhaps the best feature added, is UDF support.

Previously, I had to do it through Windows 7 commandline.

Why is UDF file format so special, you may wonder?

If you have ever gotten infected from XP machines (Auto-run) viruses, you will know why in a moment.

Flash drives formatted with UDF file system are 100% protected from auto-run viruses under Windows XP.

Windows XP has a driver that allows it to read files from flash drives formatted in UDF, but it has no driver for writing back to UDF file systems.

Since it cannot write back, viruses can't either.

Why use NTFS, when you can have UDF? It's much safer, especially on XP systems.

In case your worried, 7 & 8 both can read & write back to flash drives, & I believe Vista can also, though I have not tried it under Vista much, due not liking it.

IF you ever get an error that your flash drive is 100% full, & find yourself "locked out", or unable to write anything to the flash drive, it is probably due to not safe ejecting the flash drive.

But don't worry, here is a solution to enable it back.

First, even though you will probably NOT lose any data, copy all the contents of your flash drive to another folder or drive as a backup.

Next, right click your UDF formatted flash drive/properties/tools tab/error checking/check drive for errors.

This WILL fix the drive errors, & re-enable write backs.

If anyone wants to prevent viruses on flash drives, UDF is the ONLY 100% fail proof way that I have found, where you can still add files to without having a mess.

Using programs that disable usb/flash drive access require you do this to all PC's (Not practical).

Using flash drive antivirus programs (again, not practical)relies on accuracy/updates.

Filling flash drive completely up relies on being able to delete files in order to add files, & besides, what if a virus deletes files first, then adds itself? Don't count on making files read only, because commandline viruses could disable that via a single command.

When you format Flash drives in UDF, you know 100% for sure that viruses cannot write to your drive, because XP doesn't even include a driver to know how to write back to flash drives. But you can still read your programs.

I would call this the most perfect solution available that I know of.

Thank you to Rufus, for providing an automatic solution to what I was doing manually.

Now, if only he could add support disable auto-update checker, & save that setting to .ini file.

Every program wants to connect to the web now-a-days, but sometimes, you just want silence from your programs.



by: James

Rufus 1.3.2 Beta / 1.3.1



Small & really does the job!

Other Thoughts:

I just wish this would support formatting in UDF file system.

XP has autoruns that can infect flash drives, & formatting in UDF will 100% block all viruses from XP from infecting your flash drive.

XP can read from the UDF formatted flash drive, just not write to it, so it is 100% virus protection.

Vista/7/8 can read AND write to UDF USB drives.

Since 7 doesn't have same problem with viruses as XP, just format your USB to UDF under Windows 7 via command line, then add files using your Vista/7/8.

When you plug it into XP, you can run your programs without worry viruses will infect it since they cannot write back to flash drive.


by: Jenny

Rufus 1.1.5



Easy to use. Does as it says.


Needs to be able to create a bootable ISO image to burn to CD/DVD.

Other Thoughts:

Love this program, just wish it supported bootable ISO creation as well so I can make bootable CD/DVD media.


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