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by: yet another artist

Sculptris 1.02



Easy to use.


Can be slow at times.

Other Thoughts:

This software comes closer to actually sculpting with clay than any other software I've found.


"Poor man's Zbrush !"

by: Raja Ramalingam


Other Thoughts:

It is a wonderful software which comes free. I had used Zbrush trial for sometime and found it very difficult to learn, but very powerful. I was wondering if there can be any such thing available at affordable price, but to my surprise, this Sculptris is available free !

This is 1.02 version and I hope in coming months there can be tremendous improvements which will make it equal to if not better than Zbrush.


by: raptor


Other Thoughts:

great free program!
A new way for modeling( true sculpting) ,excellent and very fast for organic shape.OBJ export and import,polygon reducer.FOR FREE!


by: SLK8ne


Other Thoughts:

This program gets 5 stars from me for two reasons. First the program does what it says it will do, and does it well. Not glitches or hangups after several hours of playing with it.

Second: the interface. This is the most ergonomic piece of software I've ever used. The interface is incredibly clean, and self explanatory. All the buttons are clearly labeled, and having the mouse perform the opposite action when you use the right mouse button is a great idea. Also, the modeling is symmetrical, Everything you do on one side of the face is mirrored on the other side. And it's lightweight too, not bogging your computer down with system calls. I think other software manufactures should take a lesson or two from this gentleman on interface design. Simply put, the interface is elegant.

All in all this is an awesome piece of software.

"getting better"

by: redskutter


Other Thoughts:

getting better by the minute.......



Other Thoughts:

One seriously COOL! and INCREDIBLE! piece of software. What more can I say, but get this one, and add it to your arsenal of 3D modeling applications. What a great companion program to the main 3D application I use, Bryce! Totally farout!

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found