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"Been a staple on my computer for years"

by: compmend

The GIMP 2.8.22 / 2.9.6 Beta



Comprehensive program that has lots of plugins available to extend its functionality. I liken it to the "average man's" Photoshop. I do recommend that first time users click on Windows--->Single-Window Mode a the top. This brings together all of the floating toolbars into a single coherent interface that most are used to.


The interface is clunky by default.

Other Thoughts:

This program gets better and better each year like a fine wine.

"In response to "allan""

by: manwithaplan

The GIMP 2.8.16






Other Thoughts:

If all you want to do is "fix a photo", then look for a simple photo editor. You're using an advanced program to do what seems to be a simple job, and then complain about it. Don't damage a program's reputation because of your own incompetence.

"horrible monster"

by: allan

The GIMP 2.8.10





lets make a simple job bloody hard, thats gimp.try to put a photo on and the screen blows up to 5-8 times bigger and you cant load nothing.tried a older model and it loaded nothing.

Other Thoughts:

tried gimp years ago,it did work then,
but its so badly written, it will make you scream.try using the help or go online and its clear as mud..i dont want
to go back to school to fix a photo.


by: G

The GIMP 2.8.10



Not likely


The most user UNfriendly program I've ever had the misfortune of installing on any computer.

Other Thoughts:

You betcha!

"too many missing features"

by: redsnappa

The GIMP 2.8.6



Still no adjustment layers or equivalent.


Nearly as good as Adobe Photoshop v3 which was released in 1994 so it still has a way to go to match Photoshop.

Other Thoughts:


by: Gorm

The GIMP 2.8.0 RC 1



Great software! I've used it for years. Don't shell out big bucks for Adobe until you try The Gimp.



Other Thoughts:


"Just as good as photoshop?"

by: redsnappa

The GIMP 2.7.4 Dev



I've just tried Gimp & I can honestly say it is Just as good as photoshop, yeh photoshop v2!!!


A gui that looks like it was created by Stevie Wonder.

Other Thoughts:

No Adjusment layers.
no layer masks
strugles to open a 120mb image


by: Gorm

The GIMP 2.6.11



Excellent software!



Other Thoughts:


"Gimp is a extremely great toolbox!"

by: Bjorn Lundahl


Other Thoughts:

Gimp is for the photographer like a toolbox for the carpenter.

The toolbox for the carpenter does not make him a skilful carpenter but it is a condition for his work and his skills, the same goes for a photographer, Gimp or alternative professional editing program is a condition for his work, but you yourself must be skilful to do skilful editing. Gimp gives you just the tools.

It has total flexibility.

The programs total flexibility is one reason why it is so great.

People who says that Gimp is complicated or that the GUI is bad etc. do not actually know what they are talking about.

Gimp is a very simple program to edit professional work with. If you find it complicated, it is not because the program is complicated but because the task you are going to do is complicated.

That Gimp opens in three windows might be a good or might be a bad thing, but I find this debate about this as a extremely minor issue.

I think that Gimp is a gift from heaven as you get this great program for nothing.

I also think that it is great that it is open source. No nagging about upgrading. You can install it in how many computers you like. No one cares! That is worth a lot!

Bjorn Lundahl
Gothenburg, Sweden

by: rev


Other Thoughts:

New version gives a mng.exe message not being able to create a dinamic link to libmng.dll otherwise works well.

"Apples and oranges"

by: SLK8ne


Other Thoughts:

After reading some of the reviews, I noticed most of the complaints were about the interface. I've been using Gimp for years, and I have Photoshop Elements 3 as well. True, Gimp's interface does take some getting used to, as the toolbar, main window, and layers window are all floating. And yes, there are a lot of menus. However, just because a program doesn't use the same interface as Photoshop, doesn't mean it's a bad program. And as for the dig that it takes too many steps to do simple operations, you know you can set up keyboard shortcut, don't you? After having used both Gimp and PS Elements, I find myself in Gimp most of the time. Once I get it set up how I like it (takes 30 min or so) I know where everything is. So, the question is this: do you want to spend $300 plus on Photoshop, or do you want to take a little extra time learning the program? The choice is yours.
P.S. There are plugins that allow you to use Printshop brushes and other goodies.
P.P.S didn't have a brush editor in the last version I tried.

""The same procedure as every year, mylady...?""

by: Kurt


Other Thoughts:

It's always the same: A lot of kidding 'toys' and the few potential interesting image manipulating tools are implemented without a simple sense of logic and against all intuition.
I also write applications from time to time and usually I don't need an explanation for much more than 90% of all programs I use (and I did never consult a lot of user guides for the programes I've been using), since a common menu structure is mostly self-explanatory (at least if one knows roughly the functions of a program).

But Gimp...? No chance to use logic. One simple example:

Usually I would load an image, copy it to a different layer and apply a (for example) sobel operator to this copy. The result - transfered to absolute values (simply by killing the sign) - I would smooth using a simple mask operator. This result is now to be used as a mask for a sharpening, which can be realized using lateral inhibition with exponential decreasing weights to another copy of the original on a separate layer.
But none of the layer functions is able to offer the functionality for the procedure I described above... (athough this is a r e a l simple procedure!).
You know what? Fans - go on using GIMP!

To those ones, who want to spend their time in working on images instead of searching for functions of a program which doesn't exist at all (because the so called 'fans' of it did not need them yet...) go on searching for alternatives.

As long as the development of GIMP is simply interested in satisfying its fans there is no chance to expect GIMP turning into a producive and effective tool.

Possibly I'll give it a further try as soon as 2.8 comes out... but surely not before.

"Best in GNU Class"

by: HippE


Other Thoughts:

This program is beyond amazing. I would definitely hold this app in contention for the absolute best freeware application available. People who come on this website and berate this masterclass application have no idea what they are talking about. When you read, "unintuitive" "not user friendly"... that translates to "uninformed user" and "didn't take any time to learn the program". Let's face it, half of the Pro-Photoshop camp stole the program off a torrent website. Maybe more... someone offers a program of this magnitude for FREE, you smile and say thank you. So... thank you, developers. Keep up the excellent work.

"Pretty darn good!"

by: GimpGirl


Other Thoughts:

I've had Gimp on my computer for years but only used it occasionally, being confused by the many option. Like Photoshop you need to learn the program.

After I upgraded from Gimp 2.2 to 2.6 I started to get it. The menus were cleaned up and are organised very well now. Much more logical then Photoshop if you ask me.
All it took me to get familiar with this program was taking a few tutorials. When you google Gimp tutorials there are too many to start with.

I'm still learning but I have already learned so much and can do so much with it that's it's a lot of fun learning it better and better.

Gimp, in functionality is very much like Photoshop but without some of the bells and whistles. The important tools are there but often they are just a little bit less refined. If you would actually miss that depends on your usage.

Apart from that, there are so many plug-ins and scripts that you can so easily add that this software is endless in what it can potentially do.

Strong points-
Solid program that can replace photoshop for many users who don't need it for advanced printing.
- The many free plug-ins.
- It is free.

Weak points-
The text tool. But it's being worked on and supposedly a lot better in the next version.
- It just cannot replace photoshop for pro users yet.

"Downloadable User Manual for GIMP 2.6"

by: WellOiledPC


Other Thoughts:

GIMP is as good as PhotoShop, yet occupies a fraction of the space and loads up a lot faster as well! Like PhotoShop though, you CANNOT master it without a User Manual.

While a downloadable manual is available for Version 2.4, none existed for Version 2.6. We at WellOiledPC have compiled the PDF version of the GIMP 2.6 User Manual. It comprises of over 950 pages in the final draft and occupies nearly 30 MB. While compiling the User Manual, we have faithfully adhered to the HTML version's structure and flow, though we have corrected a few Grammar and spelling mistakes...

We are pricing the downloadable, password-protected PDF version at an affordable US$ 9.95 and you may securely order your copy by visiting the link You will also be able to view the ToC as well as check out a sample Chapter (Chapter 5) on this page.

Once you make your payment, we will send you the link for the complete User Manual as well as it's password, within 24 working hours. Trust you are convinced of our authenticity!

We look forward to your order!

Results: 1-15 of 61 Total Found

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