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"Great program"

by: shnbwmn

Blender 2.69 RC 3 / 2.68a



- many production quality features - highly polished - small download - large support community, with very active development - open source and free! - integrates with other 3D software formats and software (incl renderers, etc)


- interface can be quite daunting (but nothing tutorials and playing around can't solve) - beta version might present some small bugs

Other Thoughts:

As a graphic design student, I'm using Blender right now to learn the basics of 3D modelling. I'm impressed with the fact that this free program of less than 60mb can compare with the might of Maya. After I get more to grips with both programs, I might even consider doing modelling in Blender, and only exporting to Maya for rendering.

But overall, I'd highly recommend Blender for anyone that has played around in Sketchup/123D Design and wants something more advanced.


"Blender 2.56a"

by: MTS

Blender for Windows 2.56a Beta / 2.49



1. Has lots of features for modeling people including some new tools for engineering modeling such as gears and pipes. Slowly adding things otherwise only available in a cad program. 3. You can extend the program through the addons system easily. 4. You can make it look as good as you want it through the preferences dialogue. 2. The same power of blender with a new easier to use gui.


2.56a is still in beta and has minor crashes from time to time but very rarely. The program also experiences minor things associated with beta but overall the program is almost very good. Hours and hours of developers refining it.

Other Thoughts:

Blender 2.56a will be the best, easiest, greatest, version of blender, open for everyone to use and enjoy. This updates my review from 2007 by the same nickname of how terrible the gui was.

"Will it Blend?"

by: Maniac09


Other Thoughts:

If your into creating 3D people and programs, this is for you.

The question is: Can you Blend This Program?


by: phoenixart


Other Thoughts:

Blender 3D is simply awesome: powerful render engine, a lot of tools, fast, light weighted, multi-platform, many resources around, great community and fast development.
5 stars for me.

"Makes MAYA look dusty!!"

by: Sreerag


Other Thoughts:

Brlliant software for 3d modelling or animation or even game creation. Blender is versatile and easy to learn with tutorials available online. Great to have video suuport for game engine... always wanted that...

"Eat your heart out Maya!"

by: Willie


Other Thoughts:

This is the best 3D program out there! New versions are being released every several months. And it's 100% free! The first time you open it you won't be able to do much, but if you have more than a 20 second attention span you'll be able to make some REALLY cool stuff. You can make super-detailed stills, brilliant animations, and even your own 3D video game! It is worth learning! You can even use Blender to clip/edit avi. files and such. Blender imports tons of formats.

"The best"

by: woodge


Other Thoughts:

this is as good as open source gets. it takes a while to learn but is totally worth it! (good tutorals at wikibooks website called "blender 3d: noob to pro")

"The best 3d"

by: Prophecy


Other Thoughts:

Yeah is awesome, terrific! is FREE! for develop 3d animation. Thanks to BLENDER TEAM!!!!

"Download now"

by: wrzenk


Other Thoughts:

The program's a bit complicated, but there's PLENTY of demos all over the internet to help you learn (just search for them). Once you get the hang of it it's a LOT of fun!

"An artist tool"

by: bow3d


Other Thoughts:

I love this program, Blender make 3d possible for artist that don't have 6,000 or 4,000 to spend on the Maya's or Max's in this world.

"Too complex but not inferior"

by: MTS


Other Thoughts:

I really like to use this program, really do. However it is so complicated to use one news a Computer Science Degree. I am personally an open source force. However, lets face it this program is just too complex. I did try the tutorials and they point out the interface complexity. I use linux / Windows and Wings3d. On windows one could use delcam which has a good interface. It is a shame that the Community for this programs yells at anyone saying No.

"BEST Free 3D Software"

by: Hectichermit


Other Thoughts:

Been using it for a few years for a open souce project its the best 3D software!!!!!!!!

"New gui on the road"

by: dsp_418


Other Thoughts:

About the gui: it's gonna get a heavy lift, check this out


by: Blacksheep


Other Thoughts:

I'm very very happy with this program! It tells you how to use the program (which is very helpful).It does every thing i need it to do! Easy to learn easy to use! download it RIGHT NOW!!!

"Simply awesome!"

by: dsp_418


Other Thoughts:

Don't be scared by its interface. It could seems a bit difficult at first, simply because it uses a slightly different approach from others app. But this doesn't mean that it's less power! After all, as with every package around, you need to get custom to its own philosophy . Believe me, after that you'll find it tremendous fast!
About the features you'll find you'll be amazed about how many stuff you'll find in Blender. And the community behind it is giving to this app more and more day by day.
5 star for me.

"The Best OpenSource 3d application out there, realy!"

by: Felix


Other Thoughts:

and about the interface, its alot easier, comfyer & faster than any others, may it be maya or max for an example, and belive me i have tryed differnet apps, blender is my favorite, i use it at work, though i was offered max, but youknow, no thx!

""Don't Panic""

by: Tarazar


Other Thoughts:

Believe me: Blender is awsome. The number of things you can do is simply amazing! The only catch to this seemingly perfect program: it's interface is the stangest thing you will ever see.

But please: do not be discouraged. In the immortal words of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't Panic." If you start up the program without any documentation, then you might not get much done. But browse the Blender website, read the documentation, and (especially) watch the video tutorials, and Blender will become the greatest program you have ever used.


by: tom


Other Thoughts:

hard to understand and poor user interface. you can't make anything good.

"Greatest Open Source Software"

by: Scott


Other Thoughts:

Blender is the greatest open source software out there. It can be compared to Maya and other high end software. Great and has alot of features.

by: V32Mrmljator


Other Thoughts:

The best 3D software in the IT industry

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