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"Image Analyzer"

by: Pinkzilla


Other Thoughts:

Great Program, simple to do,


"very nice"

by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

seems to be a great peace of software!

"Progressive Features - Great !"

by: Johnson B.


Other Thoughts:

This Programm is for progressive Imaging and People who want just more than standart programms.
My personal favorites is first the deconvolution feature to restore details of really unsharp pictures that normally are lost! - very great (not possible with unsharp mask in Photoshop!)
The second is the Cardinal Sine Algorithm to enlarge Pictures in very good Quality. This technice is better than the also very good Lanczos-Algorithm!
Great Programm - 5 of 5 points :-)

"2nd to none"

by: hornet777


Other Thoughts:

This is a serious editor, matched only by some academic softwares available. I have been using it since close to its first release and was impressed by the scientific approach, as opposed to the floobydust promises made by commercial products, with no hope of fulfillment.

by: ryan


Other Thoughts:

does anyone can help me how to grab videos from youtube?


"very good"

by: joeres


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"Not free?"

by: JimW


Other Thoughts:

I have been using this program gor awhile and have never seen anything about paying for it. I wonder why people make these statements. This is a teriffic program that helps me do the simple and even some complex editing that the big guys just on't do. I love it. Thanks to the author.


by: tester


Other Thoughts:

Gwen, this software is free. Where did you learn about the 7 day trial and $29.99 cost? Are you referring to a different program?

"Image Analyzer 1.25"

by: Gwen


Other Thoughts:

I don't believe everything I read.
I havent' tried this FREE program
yet, just downloaded it.

Caveat Emptor.

This program may be very good, may even be superb. But, a big but, it should be listed as TRIALWARE, as it is not FREE by any means. You can try it for seven (7) days and then you have to buy a licence for it - $29.95U.S.)

Dang, bummer dude, hate that when that happens. :( I know that it's almost impossible for any Software Program lister to review every single of the hundreds and hundreds of titles that programmers lists on their websites and people really owe it to themselves to go to the programs actual web-site and get the whole picture and take no one's word for anything - you wouldn't buy your car that way would you? - I just wish that perfectly good sites such as would be what they say they are and put a caveat on programs they haven't actually researched and call a spade a spade.


"Took a quick look, and this is impressive..."

by: Duraiken


Other Thoughts:

I did a Nortan Antivirus 2004 scan of My Documents, which I put this in, and got nothing. No viruses, no spyware, nothing to worry about. I opened the program up, loaded up a file I'd just edited with PIXresizer, and wow. Just... wow. 2 minutes with this thing and its neat little tricks and I want to see what else it can do. Adjusting the color of a file jus by selcting auto color collection, warping, the usual flip and rotate, the strange Salt & Pepper noise option (use in reverse!) characterizing a phot to make look like it would if you'd made it on an old Apple II. Sheesh! The tricks this puppy's got...


by: Valerie


Other Thoughts:

This product offers better filters and photo clean-up tools than even some commercial software. If it had a paintbox, text, and true selection tools, it would be the only image editor I would use.

It runs stable and fast on my XP Home budget laptop.

"impressive in small package"

by: jordo


Other Thoughts:

Most, but not all, of these tools are for people that really know what they're doing. More techy than irfanview, and more control

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