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"Commercial Quality"

by: BearPup

Diagram Designer 1.27.3



I used the program to create some software flow diagrams. The quality of the program was proved when all present heartily endorsed the project moving forward.


As others have noted the GUI could stand some improvement, but clearly not enough to diminish the usefulness and effectiveness of the program.

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"Can be even better"

by: opec


Other Thoughts:

This is a very good tool and I use it sometimes. But I think it can be even better - a few ergonomic improvements would be sufficient (keyboard shortcuts, changing the shapes and lines types, etc.).

"notes from Sweden"

by: PO Ryeng


Other Thoughts:

I have used diagram designer and it fullfills my needs nicely


by: kadir


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"Great tool for the money"

by: Maiken O'Byrne


Other Thoughts:

I needed a tool for doing some flowcharts for a project - but did not want to fork out 193.

This is a great tool considering it is free. I actually find it easier to insert/add elements in an existing flowchart than some of the costly tools I trialed.

One of the few things it is missing is the ability to change the shape of an element and carry over custom colours between diagrams. But these are small snags and not worth loosing a star rating for!

"Amazing greenware"

by: Henry


Other Thoughts:

1. "Greenware" is a term I use to mean "portable freeware". Yes, this freeware is portable. Install it to a folder in local hard disk, then copy the whole folder to a USB thumb and you can take it outdoor to run on someone else's computer.
2. Amazing - It gives me surprises which surpass my expectation. Specifically, I am amazed by two great features: a) it accepts Chinese characters as text labels, including local Hong Kong characters. b) the objects placed on the drawing can be rotated to any degree you want.


by: deebee


Other Thoughts:

Really easy to use program for making charts/diagrams,etc. Does exactly what it says.

"Ed, Pick it please!"

by: Calcatian


Other Thoughts:

This is one of those apps which DEMANDS to be in "Editor's Pick" on the basis of its own virtue!
As the previous poster have also said, this is a very simplistic yet unbelievably useful app, more so in a corporate env. where it can be used to define, streamline and enhance/accelerate any kind of process within a matter of minutes! Supports all major image formats, which makes it compatible with all the other overbloated commercial alternatives. Updates are very few & far between as you can find no major bug in it - mostly updates are for enhancement.

The interface has changed quite a lot. New screenshot here:

This is now released by the developers as an Open Source app (so there is no hidden catch) that can be easily compiled with Turbo Delphi (Free)/ Open Pascal Lazarus. New homepage is:

Wanted to give 10 but have to settle for 5 now. My request is, please include it in "Editor's Pick" and upadate the profile with the info I provided.

"Using with Keynote"

by: M.A.D.


Other Thoughts:

I use it to create *.emf files to illustrate my process used in Keynote PIM that I also got from Freewarefiles.

In a nut shell this allows me to have a HELP system without the compexity and size of using an actual HELP program.

Both install into the MyDocuments folder even when your rights are restricted in XP!


by: Visitor853


Other Thoughts:

I could not find this site in the Search Engines index


by: Visitor992


Other Thoughts:

I have visited your site 298-times

"Easy use"

by: Radio


Other Thoughts:

Easy, small and powerful!


by: hao


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"excellent app"

by: charter


Other Thoughts:

i've been using a 2005 version for, well 2 years, and so it was simple enough then and i can't wait to use the newer version now. it's very clean and intuitive, and free. bug-free too. thank you author for your efforts.



Other Thoughts:

Use BM who understand oh?
u HEBAT GILA la samsul!
It's a good program.

"Aplikasi Hebat"

by: samsul


Other Thoughts:

program ini sangat membantu saya sebagai lay outer, karena kadangkala saya harus membuat diagram yang cukup sulit jika dilakukan pada pagemaker. Dengan program ini diagram dan sejenisnya dapat dengan mudah saya buat. Thanks, i hope Allah bless you!

"Good program"

by: deVelop


Other Thoughts:

This is really good program. Small, fast and simple. I've been searching for program like that, because I am programmer and sometimes i want to create block diagram for my application. And it's free :) Thanx for Author. I'm waiting for next version :)


by: Stephen


Other Thoughts:

This put Adobe to shame for making a program that FOREVER to load. Thanks for an alternative that works FAST.

"The Diagram Refresher !"

by: Alpes Software


Other Thoughts:

So easy to use, and so powerful.
It is exactly the kind of tools needed by documentation writers,
by marketers, by developers...


"Diagram Designer 1.16"

by: kingofhiking


Other Thoughts:

As a freeware, it is 100% fully functional.

The software is very user-friendly as it does not require any time for learning.

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