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"Still the best since 2004"

by: Adi Wijaya

IrfanView 4.37





Stillsimple and usefull

Other Thoughts:

I've used this software since 2004, and it still simple and usefull, i've try some software too, but none can beat the simplicity and power of this software.


"Best of Class"

by: Brian A.

IrfanView 4.28



Best image viewer I have ever used. Also a good editor. Author reads emails and adds functionality when called for.



Other Thoughts:

I try a lot of freeware, never found a better viewer.

by: Niefer


Other Thoughts:

Been using it for more than a decade. Never looking for another viewer.

"AWESOME Program"

by: Knappster


Other Thoughts:

This is the best viewer / Image manipulator that I have used. I edit work instructions daily and this tool makes speedy work for a slow network.

"Simple and Excellent"

by: Talnan


Other Thoughts:

I do with IrfanView almost my all (99.99%) image work on daily basis. It would be much harder without it. Its use is easy and it is very fast and clever. And it is free! Thank you Irfan!

"Excellent for commandline conversions"

by: CABvolunteer


Other Thoughts:

I was looking for software to do batch conversions of TIFF files to JPG-format files via the command line - Irfanview works perfectly!


by: Pyridox


Other Thoughts:

I have been using this program as my main graphics file viewer for a few years now. It's fast, handles virtually every type of graphics file, and has a small footprint. Granted... it certainly doesn't have the bells & whistles like Photoshop, but as an everyday viewer & basic editor it is great and is free.


by: HAHA Sandman


Other Thoughts:

Small, simple, efficient and best of all, FREE! Tried many picture viewers but none of them had rised to IrfanView's efficientcy. If you're searching for perfection, feel free to try and use this flawless program.

"Quickest viewer around!"

by: Liberalcat13


Other Thoughts:

I use Irfanview for everything except what I need to do in Photoshop. Irfanview is fast, small, portable and very easy to use. Been using it for years and nothing else I try comes close to the variety and quality of features in Irfanview.
BTW, for those of you who might be curious, I learned that the correct pronunciation is EAR-fan-view.


by: knappster


Other Thoughts:

A W E S O M E Program no matter what version you have. I even have a portable version for when I need to use it at my friends house. They are addicted too.

"Very effciant"

by: CrT


Other Thoughts:

Excellent graphics viewer, great replacement for the Microsoft windows built-in viewer. A single stand alone .exe file, and supports many formats. I especially like that it has a very low memory footprint. As far as people here saying it's ugly, who cares as long as it displays the graphic/picture files well.


by: Hello


Other Thoughts:

takes very little memory and processing power.
very easy to use.
very good features

"XnView is better"

by: Hardfucker


Other Thoughts:

XnView is better. XnView also looks better. IrfanView is ugly ever since. And compared to XnView it has only humble functionalities.

"It is a classic in the world of the freeware"

by: Dr. Nemo


Other Thoughts:

IrfanView 4.10: It is a classic in the world of the freeware.
The good one does not have why to be beautiful. I do not like IrfanView GUI in anything, but this soft continues being one of my favorite big ones. Why? It is gratis ( Thanx, Irfan Skiljan! ) and for its quality and its unbeatable utility. Without some doubt, IrfanView arrived to stay with us.

"Icons ugly"

by: Dandy


Other Thoughts:

The strange red pixilated facepiece they use in windows explorer to denote images is freaking ugly.



Other Thoughts:

If you try the toolbar skins on the site it looks pretty nice!

"Still ugly"

by: RightUS


Other Thoughts:

This program works fine. But when will they finally upgrade the interface from W/95 to W/Vista? It's just plain ugly.

by: saintsfan


Other Thoughts:

Works really well.

"I love this!"

by: Bootz


Other Thoughts:

I have used this program for over 5 years. It covers all my picture viewing needs, and it does some basic picture touch ups very nicely. Best is the batch process feature. This program rules!! Honestly, it does.

"This program stays..."

by: PAR


Other Thoughts:

Throughout the years I've changed my hardware several times (PC & notebook) and also windows from 95 to XP. This is one from a short list of program which stays on my computer.

Results: 1-20 of 95 Total Found