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"Failed to Start"

by: Scooby


Other Thoughts:

Great concept, but after installing it and thw two associated programs, it still failed to run. However, I do look forward to seeing this program improve.



by: BobDenison


Other Thoughts:

I don't really understand the previous negative comments, but I suppose one man's meat ..... I am a home user and have found the program excellent, easy to use and a step away from the myriad of other photo management/album programs.

I also had to contact their tech support, who could not have been more helpful with very speedy, accurate and successful identification of the driver problem I was experiencing.

Other than the initial driver problem, on both mine and another computer, the program worked brilliantly. Get it!


by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

Whatever the creator of this program had in mind he did not succeed. It is not simple and intuitive, what this kind of programs really should be. I reinstalled it after 15 minutes!

by: mmm


Other Thoughts:

Worthless?? I dunno..
If you have 22inch widescreen LCD display....& lots of image folders, then this one app is definitely worth ur pants. Yeah, blame m$ for making a " sloppy .Net "

Anyways, unless more image formats are supported...this app has a long way to go.


by: Chuck P


Other Thoughts:

Nice idea but totally worthless. Don't waste your time on the download + the sdk that takes another hour to download.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found