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"Irfanview is far superior"

by: Matie

XnView 2.31



they recognize an excellent image program enough,IrfanView, that they copy it. Imitation is the best form of flattery so the good folks at IrfanView should feel real good.


Xnview is obviously trying to copy IrfanView feature for feature but is still coming up short. It's so obvious what they're doing it isn't even funny.

Other Thoughts:

By the way, during install, British English is the only option. Yes, I said British English. That's hilarious, never heard of such a thing. Well there's no Pip Pip Cheerios in my book so I think I'll pass on this IrfanView rip-off.


"Much faster now"

by: BXF

XnView 1.98 Beta 3



REAL Color Management (i.e. using custom monitor profile), even for RAW/DNG files! There aren't many applications around that will do this. Shows a lot of EXIF data, much of which is not available through other viewers, but require a specialized EXIF program. Also, items to be displayed can be user-selected. Very nice!


Still Beta, so a few quirks are present, but no big deal. Shortcut keys use numeric keypad, which is not convenient for me. Unfortunately, many shortcuts cannot be customized.

Other Thoughts:

This Beta is MUCH faster than the previous version I tried, and is now definitely useable for viewing color managed images.

I'd LOVE to have a left mouse click zoom and pan, as in Faststone and FastPictureViewer, since once you develop a taste for this feature you don't want to do without. Also, more control over shortcut key assignment. And finally, a side-by-side compare feature (a la Faststone) would make this "perfect".

For me, the above features would make this application unbeatable as a viewer.

"Too slow"

by: BXF


Other Thoughts:

Nice program, but much, much too slow when when viewing DNG files with color management enabled. IrfanView is much faster. FastPictureViewer is faster yet.


by: vlada


Other Thoughts:



by: TSnake


Other Thoughts:

Wow, I've been searching for a free image viewer for Vista for ages, this one rocks. It's great to have a true full screen slideshow (smaller images are stretched to fit the entire screen).

"Definitely the Best"

by: Freewarelover


Other Thoughts:

This is definitely the best image viewer out there. I've tried many, but nothing can compete with XnView.

"The best image viewer"

by: Against Copyright


Other Thoughts:

The best image viewer! And it's free!

"nothing better than this!"

by: AgainstCopyrightAndP


Other Thoughts:

XnView is tiny, fast and powerful! Nothing better than this!

"best image viewer"

by: NookyDuck


Other Thoughts:

Regarding aspects of speed, system consumption, trustworthyness and cost, this is the best you can get.

It's as good as ACDsee and is totally free. And I'd never use Picasa, as this is another spyware from Google.

Go with XnView and you won't be disappointed.


by: phae2y


Other Thoughts:

as good as acdsee, but it's free. that's a good enough reason for me to recommend it to everyone.

"Great program"

by: alpha1


Other Thoughts:

This image viewer is great.
However, I agree with the previous reviewer that the default interface is ugly.
But if you use the gnome skin it comes with, it looks much better.

"The eye-candy factor"

by: Jedijax


Other Thoughts:

Great app, indeed, but you see, it lacks something very important to modern software: An atractive interface. Why do you think users spend so much a year in desktop gizmos and softwate? Because we all want our pc interface to look awesome!! It's not just a matter of how good/fast/adequate an application works, but also how nice it looks. Take Windows Vista for example, it hasn't become popular because of running and compatibility matters, but because of its looks, the very name "Vista" gives its purpose away!! This application is surely nice, but if its interface were up to today's aesthetic standards, I assure you its download hits would multiply. Take me for example, and I am not even a huge fan of how things look over how they run or what they do; although I like Xnview, since I don't need it that much, I keep my Windows Live Gallery for viewing and Photoshop for editing. If you made your GUI black and blue, with nice animations, etc., I would definitely ditch both of the aforementioned and never leave Xnview again!!

"perfect freeware"

by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

This app is so great, lightning fast, great quality, just amazing (for free)


by: LZO


Other Thoughts:

A winner. Easy to use and delivers great results.

by: best


Other Thoughts:

simply the best photo viewers out there, both free or paid ones

"one of the best"

by: Joeres


Other Thoughts:



by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

This little piece of freeware just keeps getting better all the time.

It trounces just about everything I know of out there with it's quality.

About the only thing I know of that does as good or better, is the iPhoto 4 program I have.

Looks a bit dated, but for fixing photos, haven't found anything that comes close!!!

Except XN view!!!

"great except..."

by: renhk


Other Thoughts:

No support for UTF-8 filenames. Otherwise, it's a great free software.

"Junk Buster"

by: Excellent!


Other Thoughts:

Really good image editor program.

Would be nice to add a way instead of being an image editor that views pics and edits them, make it more efficient.

Need a mode where you view images, like in Windows XP, but with the basic image fixes (brightness, contrast, gamma, color, etc) in the left side of the viewer.

This way, you could just use arrom keys to go to the next image, & the editor built into it will allow you to edit without having to close the window out, select a tool, etc.

Would be much faster having an image viewer function added that allows you to edit as well.

Don't get me wrong, probably one of the best interface layouts and best color correction of almost any image editor I have tried is in this thing, but with my suggestion, it could be even better & faster to edit images to boot.


by: Costa Cordalis


Other Thoughts:

It's the best image viewer and/or image library software! No need for ugly IrfanView or bloated Picasa!

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