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"added environment levels"

by: delvantom


Other Thoughts:

arrives led scenarios small maximum cover offset


"Good; lot of room for improvements"

by: Ruturaaj


Other Thoughts:

Just to mention, if you're confused with "how to get CSS code" then once you're ready with your DIV placement, go to File menu and click "Generate" sub-menu. It will ask you folder location to save new CSS file.

You can draw squares on grid to define DIV area; but once the square is drawn you simply cannot do any sort of manipulation. You can NOT resize it, move it or even delete it! You even cannot resize/maximize the Software window. Very poor.

All in all, this software looks good and has a practical use for it; but not designed properly to address the needs. Software developers read the market well but failed to address the needs properly.

"I'm very confused."

by: Confused123


Other Thoughts:

i understand the simplicity of
making the div boxes, and saving.
but how do you open and get
the code? :/

"A Useful Tool for Creating DIVS"

by: CharlieOrlando


Other Thoughts:

Dang!? Why didn't anyone else ever think of a utility like this before? This simple little tool really does make it easier to create CSS DIVs. To be sure, this DIV tool is a bit basic -- but it gets the job done elegantly. I sure hope the developer continues to update this little gem because the tool itself is ingenious and time-saving. Well worth a look!

Results: 1-4 of 4 Total Found