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by: Mid_finger_up


Other Thoughts:

Been waiting for weeks for my reg#, no response from site. Sent an email -- nothing yet. You must register it or waith a very long 30 seconds before it'll launch any new page! Going to remove it due to bad reviews. Too bad, could come in handy as opposed to always loading MS FP just to do a quick edit.



by: Josť Monteiro


Other Thoughts:

Excelente programa.Parabéns

"Horrible. And that's being charitable."

by: x


Other Thoughts:

Seems nice enough when first loaded, but I opened a VERY simple existing HTML document in it, and it couldn't even interpret center tags properly. Some of the content was enclosed in a single, simple center tag (yes, there was a closing tag), yet FreshHTML failed to show it as being centered--it showed it left justified.

When I saved the HTML file, FreshHTML removed all of my spacing (the spacing in the code itself), and adjusted code indentation as it saw fit. I like using blank lines; it makes the code more readable to me, but FreshHTML does whatever it wants, and there is no option to control this behavior (nor the indentation).

The worst behavior exhibited by FreshHTML was that upon saving this simple HTML document, it totally screwed up one of my image links. Not only did it completely rework the format of the link (by NEEDLESSLY rearranging the title, src, href, etc. elements), it totally broke the link and the src element--so that the image and the link no longer worked! Mind you, I did NOT edit this image link; rather, FreshHTML did all of this on its own. All I did was make a minor change ELSEWHERE in the document, and save the change.

Stick with Notepad. Even MS Word is better!

And if you DO "register", be sure to use a temporary email address (i.e., etc.), because they will be emailing you weekly.


by: fresh


Other Thoughts:

To the previous poster:

Hey, this is not from freshdevices, it's from freshwebmaster.

"fresh cr$p again"

by: won't be forced


Other Thoughts:

Freshdevices creates very good software. and Fresh HTML is sort of in that same vein, BUT for the love of God, would freeware sites PLS TELL PEOPLE that they are FORCED to register for the software and be sent cr$p ads from FreshDevices. By the way, that makes it registerware NOT freeware...unless you are some freeware phoney who sees it all as being the same..

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found