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"Good that i had ever seen!!! will you rate me??? LOOOL"

by: Cape town


Other Thoughts:

Never be better!



by: Chuck Wagon


Other Thoughts:

A great way to download corrupt files. I wouldn't use anything else!

"The best free download manager"

by: Andy Ash


Other Thoughts:

This is the best absolutely free download manager here.

It is highly tunable, language packs can be downloaded to localise it, download speeds are high, pausing/resuming/connection management/unzipping files upon download are supported, you can even make your anti-virus software check the downloaded files after the download is complete.

No ads, registration, limitations on use and functionality.

"Good for Dialup"

by: phoenix_star2005


Other Thoughts:

This program is a good one compared to the default download manager on windows due to additional fetures. It's especially good for those with dialup (like me) because of ability to pause downloads. I've been using this for a few days and give it a 4 due to the fact that it don't live up to the promise of faster downloads and you need to only use 1 download instead of 3 or 4 and like windows default, it does slow down while you surf the web. On the bright side, the kB/s you loose while web surfing will recover quickly once you stop (unlike windows download manager).

"Works with windows ME!"

by: shylady


Other Thoughts:

Downloads too slow.


by: zoliax


Other Thoughts:

the best DLM

"Great program!"

by: MarkM


Other Thoughts:

I completely agree with Barry who voted, but not Kent Byron. Kent Byron must have some problem with his own computer. Try Star Downloader today!


by: Kent Byron


Other Thoughts:

It takes too long to load and is very slow when contacting a site for download. Furthermore the downloading goes very slowly. I prefer Fresh Download by a country mile ... easily!

"Excellent Star Downloader"

by: Barry


Other Thoughts:

Ihave tried several others, but, this one is the best. It does everything I want it to, in a fast and accurate manner. Try it!

Results: 1-9 of 9 Total Found