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"8.26 has uninstall problems! [as far as I saw]"

by: Emerald


Other Thoughts:

I have used Fresh Download for years. Sadly, 8.26 is a bust--especially when it comes to the resume feature + uninstallation [at least for me].

I am finally very disappointed in the program + the web site. Go to the freshdevices site to get the program, & you are bombarded with other bogus downloads as well as annoying popups [& yes I do have my pop up blocker enabled].

I will not use it ever again; it has seriously gotten on my nerves.

Yesterday, I switched to Free Download Manager, which searches relentlessly for a connection that supports resume. I am happier.

Downloaders beware! Your system might get messed up in the process for using the software.


"go to FDM"

by: freewarejunkie


Other Thoughts:

I switched to free download manager and I am happy that I did Downloads Like freshDownload but also gets and downloads youtube stuff for you and has a player that you can watch them on

"gotta switch"

by: freewarejunkie


Other Thoughts:

this version is buggy and i still can't get thru to them with e-mails or thru the web site to get a key, gotta uninstall fresh download and find something new. would'nt recommend this to anyone anymore sorry to say but it crashes each time a download finishes
and you have to wait for the countdown each time you restart it.

"still can't get reg, no,s"

by: freewarejunkie


Other Thoughts:

I have been using fresh downloader for a long time and I have not been able to get registration numbers for 523 days they are on all of my friends lists but they won't answer when I try to contact them through the web site. wonder if they could just post the registration numbers here, and Ill copy them from here I hate the countdown every time I start up. I think the program is great except for that it says I have not registered in 523 days!

"Mybe have bug...?"

by: Hin


Other Thoughts:

This program, download a file by splitting to several parts (depending of configuration setting - default=3), then making connection for each part, and download them simultaneusly. But, if there are one or more connection failed, download will not completed. Maybe it's bug - I don't know.
I recommend that you use only one connection for a file (not simultane) if you wish to use this program. It will better and work as well.


by: Ray Alex


Other Thoughts:

Free registration codes, not seem to be working anymore?

"One of the best!"

by: Ray Alex


Other Thoughts:

This is absolutely one of the best download managers out free on the net today!.

"It's ok but it aint no DAP"

by: scorp


Other Thoughts:

I used some earlier versions for a year in 04-05 and found it ok,certainly better than IE's manager and registering is ok as they need your email addy to send you notifications of updates no other mail will be sent and then i came across DAP7 and thought that's more me and bought it,as for fresh i had no probs deleting it, anything left over was deleted by registry cleaner and manual removal of folder in program files

"Bad File"

by: Bernard


Other Thoughts:

Failed to create key and also an access violation. Just exactly what I wanted!

"Used to be good"

by: Ron


Other Thoughts:

Tried the latest versions locks up my pc And no help when emailing them either

"just to many probs"

by: bibi


Other Thoughts:

I encountered just to many prob's, lack of features and unsmart ways of handling things. I've tried this program so many times when it got updated. But since i found freedownloadmanager --> byebye freshDL.

"It's allliiiivvvvve!!!"

by: JDaddy


Other Thoughts:

THIS ONE WORKS! Save your time and frustration and download this program now! I just downloaded a 7MB file in 20 minutes at 5.5 KB/sec! In other words, fast for dial-up! Fresh D. will even work with Mozilla Firefox without extentions. Smart and usefull (not at all like Paris Hilton).

"Look no further!"

by: Crazydaze111


Other Thoughts:

Very easy to use and very adaptable.No pounding you with adds, adware or spyware.
The best at ANY price, and it's completely FREE! DAP is HISTORY!

"not thrilled"

by: G man


Other Thoughts:

I downloaded this program and at first it seemed to be working fine. However, as time went on, it seemed to get slower as the 23 day trial time frame was coming closer. I chose to delete the entire thing. Problem is, trying to delete this thing turned out to be a major pain in itself!! I do not recommend this.

"fresh download"

by: dean


Other Thoughts:

So far, when I want to downlaod something, when I click on it to start downlaoding, this program does not start. So as far as I can tell its worthless. I have went into options to set it to start on startup, made it the main download program, default. And the program won't let me register it. It won't accept my email, and name. What can I do about that?


by: mthearne


Other Thoughts:

Excellent product. No advertisements or adware. Extremely fast and is the best one all round.

"Works great with Opera"

by: Higgy


Other Thoughts:

If Opera is your web browser, as it should be, this is the download manager to use with it.

"The Best"

by: Slushie


Other Thoughts:

This is the BEST Download Manager. Trust me, I have downloaded Dozens. Literally, every little Download Manager out there, I have tried, this is the BEST. No Ads, No SPYWARE, very easy to use, THE BEST.

"Good Tool"

by: Jeff


Other Thoughts:

If you have a slow dila-up connectoin, "Fresh Download" works very well. The ability to resume downloads even after you turn off your computer for a day or more is a great feature. As is the ability to "schedule" a time to download.


by: Will


Other Thoughts:

how could you use such a complicated tool to make the simplest task : download !!!
it didn't even accept folder download, explorer is even better

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