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by: Ruio


Other Thoughts:

a very fast download manager, I've used it for several months now and it works very good.Integrates well with IE and also Firefox using the Flashgot Add-on.





Other Thoughts:

This software is great.

QUOTE "Not updated"

This is the fastest (not the best features) downloader I ever used. Have been checking the web site periodically but no update.

Too bad, I use the FDM now since it's not really compatible with new browsers

by: PAR"

And yes it it is not compatible with the newest firefox.... BUT all you have to do is right click the download link in firefox and say copy link location . It will auto switch to gigaget and you can click continue to download with the link autopasted by gigaget.

by: Niefer


Other Thoughts:

The fastest download manager, no doubt.

"Fastest in the West!!!!"

by: Perky


Other Thoughts:

Like everybody says, this has got to be the fastest downlad manager/accelerator on the net. Ive witnessed this thing actually triple my download speeds, NO JOKE! IE internet monitoring browser also comes in handy. Very easy to use too.

In terms of disadvantages, this thing is way out of date. For one, their website hasn't been updated for couple years now. Secondly, it doesn't integrate with Mozilla Firefox (works pretty descent with IE7 though)

Having said that, I'd recommend this to any/everyone

"Not updated"

by: PAR


Other Thoughts:

This is the fastest (not the best features) downloader I ever used. Have been checking the web site periodically but no update.

Too bad, I use the FDM now since it's not really compatible with new browsers

by: none


Other Thoughts:

It is incredibly fast and worth it but if you set it as the default download manager for the newest version of IE IE crashes whenever you try to download something.

"...faster than fast ....."

by: jason


Other Thoughts:

its the fastest ive ever found/seen and its better than all of the commercial download managers ive tried.

"more than fast??"

by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

use idm then u tell me what 'fast' mean... sorry to say this.. freeware hav no match to idm in term of speed and reliability.

i found most of freeware can do the same job as commercial software but for a download manager, freeware a step behind. FDM is the best for now (freeware)


by: Master619


Other Thoughts:

Totally crap... compare it to IDM or Flashget and you'll see... no match =))

"its the best"

by: jason


Other Thoughts:

This software is the fastest ive tried any rating lower than 5 is bs. clearly the fastest


by: WOW


Other Thoughts:

i went from downloading from around 70 kb/s to 300 very nice 5/5 for sure

"Truly the Fastest of All."

by: Eggyolk


Other Thoughts:

@ phatty

before you said junk, try all other download manager and compare the speed of completion, not the speed of bandwidth, and you see...

@ all

I have used bunch of download managers, from free to commercial ones, comparing all with the speed of download completion time, and this tops of them. Try it by yourself and youll see.

The downside is this has less capabilities in monitoring other internet browsers besides internet explorer but you can use "flashgot" to do the trick.

Two Thumbs to its Author!


by: Phatty


Other Thoughts:

this dosen't work at all...don't waste your time.

"The Best Ever"

by: fReShmEat


Other Thoughts:

Great job!!! keep up!!!1

"Pretty Good Download Manager"

by: dduyhai


Other Thoughts:

I have been using Gigaget for months without any trouble. It is the fastest downloader in comparison with another. Thanks Gigaget team.

"BAD program"

by: Brandon


Other Thoughts:

this program sucks so badddd, I just tryed downloading a number a of movie files and they all came up as index.php, pitiful program do not download it

"Nice indeed!"

by: Wayne


Other Thoughts:

I tried it and I'm going to keep it. By far the best download manager I've used in awhile. A 350 MB I wanted to download normally would've taken me 1 hour 20 minutes but using this took about 25 minutes. Nice indeed!

"This is fast!!!!"

by: AJ


Other Thoughts:

Tried a few download managers, but nothing compares to this, increased downloads on 1mb broadband by 70/80 kb/s.

"I didnt even run it"

by: Jno


Other Thoughts:

Durin installation itll ask "Do u want to install Net Grid feauture?" and i didnt found anywhere in installation of this software what does that feature do... i had to search deeply(no notice on website, only in forums) to findout that its friggin malware... it doesnt even notice u about that its plannin to use ur upload (for accessin and sharin via p2p netwrok)... if it would inform me about what it wants to do, id just simply select not to do it, but by not tellin what it is, it became fckin malware

"the best of the best"

by: Joe-


Other Thoughts:

cool application nice GUI

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