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"Excellent software"

by: Trinx

FreeRapid Downloader 0.9u4



(sorry for my poor english) Many plugins and options.


Need Java. ;)

Other Thoughts:

It would be great if the author added "Cache of writing the downloaded data to disk" like in Free Download Manager. Thx.

"Perfectly work Great"

by: uppermore


Other Thoughts:

This program work smoothly without any problem. You can ease to use it. Once you copy a link, it will automatically paste on the add link space. You just simply select your directory to download. Also it can check whether the file on your given link still works or not. You can delect file without goto its real location too. I recommend every one to try.

by: Pretender


Other Thoughts:

Compatible with lot of filesharing sites. New updates recently available. Easy to manage, configure and use.


by: Kittie Spit


Other Thoughts:

Agree. An excellent all-in-one downloader from file-sharing dumpsites, including biggies like RapidShare & MegaUpLoad & many, many, many others. Auto-downloads from several of these sites, meaning you don't have to do anything! EG, DL BIG video files from RS yiou no longer have to wait around for start-time or cueing up next DL. App automatically re-checks when RS is not available for free users (you don't need a premium acc't); and it waits the required # of minutes before download begins & waits required # of minutes for DL'ing the next file. Also, with Megaupload, it auto-reads the "CAPTCHA" code (letters & numbers) and inputs them so you don't have to. Totally on it's own! Come back later to find all your DL's done! And, can DL simultaneously from different sites OR from sites that allow multiple DL's. And, it's skinnable. Excellent, superberb app-never any trouble with it. Don't have much $$$, but will donate bucks when I can. Very active user-forums too, & tons of plugins auto-updated & downloaded into the app. Can't go wrong with this one.
[End of my rave--Kittie Spit]

"Ease of use."

by: Graham


Other Thoughts:

Vert Professionally made Software.Many plugins make it easy to download from sites like Rapidshare,Hotfile,Deposit Files and many more.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found