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"Latest versions bad"

by: Fernando Leal

Ares Galaxy 2.3.8



versions prior to 2.3.3 are good. Works chat and other functions.


Later versions 2.3.2 no longer works chat, has few sources of files and other problems

Other Thoughts:



"Simple Fix"

by: Stuart

Ares Galaxy 2.1.8



Light, nice interface, easy to follow


Like all these programs you do get the odd malicious file, development is a little slow.

Other Thoughts:

If you have any connection problems simply click the icon on your desktop and select properties, go to program compatibility and check to run it on 95/98 settings and click ok, open it and it connects and downloads very quickly.

Ares is the best of a bad bunch and its the lowest for malware i have tried yet.
Its simple to set up and is still a handy little tool today.

"It's clean."

by: FreewareFiles Admin


Other Thoughts:

Ares Galaxy is open source software and it's clean. We scanned the file locally and with VirusTotal:


by: Saul Abeyta


Other Thoughts:

This file contains a worm virus. I downloaded it 3 times to make sure and every time i did everything went wrong


by: farpointstation


Other Thoughts:

Ares Galaxy was junk the last time I installed it, which was about a year ago, and it's still junk today. I gave it 2 stars just out of pity for the open source code writers. The ability of Ares Galaxy to locate P2P sources is amazing! The ability to download files from said P2P sources is pathetic! I've used LimeWire from way back when, and I held onto LimeWire 4.18.8 like it was the last book of the Bible! I have since transitioned to LimeWire 5 and I'm not looking back! Do yourself a favor, forget the time and aggravation of Ares Galaxy and d/l the latest version of LimeWire 5, you won't regret it!

"good version"

by: stuart


Other Thoughts:

glad to see that this version has finally sorted out some major issues that affected previous versions.the 207/208 versions were superb as said by previous reviewer. after 208 it all went down hill until this version was released. it is clearly in a different class from other p2p programs. makes limewire look crap in every way. easier to set up, burns much less power, less buggy, less malware, clean modern interface, built in media player and browser that works should be on page one right next to limewire as its better in every way. .

"world best p2p ever"

by: AresDilip


Other Thoughts:

try this ares 2.1 version..ares all version are good...this one of the best p2p in world..its better than limewire,emule,strong dc++.etc....ares is no.1


by: bsd


Other Thoughts:

thisone is all you need, it has eaven a torrent client integrated :)

by: I give up


Other Thoughts:

Well i thought i would give it a try after almost a year of uninstalling it.Not sooner then i installed the program would not respond.Went into control panel and it still locks up.This program is crap and i will no longer waste my time

"Avoid this release"

by: cerbere


Other Thoughts:

Until now a wonderful piece of freeware .Unfortunately the latest release is buggy.


by: namln


Other Thoughts:

I've used this program for 1.5 year, from version 1.x. This is very good, and i've never encounter any problem.
Beauty look, fast download and can play music, movie... so many features that i like!




Other Thoughts:

I think this is a great product. I have not had any problems till this day.Use it hey thats why you get anti virus and spy ware. They keep you out of injoy it...have fun

"problems with it"

by: hoppy


Other Thoughts:

i dont think it is a vista issue as i cannot get it to work properly now. this version 209 is just crap and bloated up with rubbish you do not need. i was using the 207 version as it was the best by far but it developed connection problems and after checking my security settings, and re installing it still did not work. i then tried the 208 version which worked ok for about 2 days and it went exactly the same. i have checked all my spyware programs and av programs plus security settings and still it wont connect properly so im afraid i think i will be uninstalling ares. its a shame as the 207,208 versions were superb and it was the best fsp you could get.the 209 is over engineered and basically a great example of "bloatware".


by: molinman


Other Thoughts:

Well i downloaded it and everything worked fine until i go into control panel
and then it crashes and locks up.Everytime ,all 10 times i tried it.Must be vista or this program was never tested properly.

"to previous reviewer"

by: hoppy


Other Thoughts:

to the previous reviewer. i would go to ares website and download the 2.07 version as its much more stable and uses less cpu.

by: molinman


Other Thoughts:

I`m sure this program is better then limewire but after installing and setup all it did for me was constantly crash and lock up.Not sure if it`s meant for windows vista,which is what i have.Would love to try it but cant.Oh well there are plenty more P2P out there.



Other Thoughts:

"top marks"

by: hoppy


Other Thoughts:

its the only file sharing programe so far ive found ticks most boxes. makes limewire look dated and shabby.


by: masterrowa


Other Thoughts:

i hav recently downloads ares 2.0.9 and have found it creates errors on my vista pc. The taskbar screws up, loading times are greatly increased as it takes up so much memory. I have a 2GB RAM and have found this insufficent to run Ares and another program.


by: hoppy


Other Thoughts:

best yet. idiot proof and fast. ive used limewire for ages and this is better faster and up to date. majik .

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