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"a little training does wonders"

by: dtrek


Other Thoughts:

2 pieces of spam got through in 2 weeks how much more do you want after just installing the program and doing nothing I added those to the training area and now after 4 weeks no spam


by: Jef


Other Thoughts:

Great spam filter.

"Spamihilator v0.9.9.9"

by: Klasic Kumputerz


Other Thoughts:

Very nice spam filter! The only improvement I would do is the ability use it on multipal email software. I use Incredimail & Outlook Express.

"First Class"

by: AJ


Other Thoughts:

This program beats all the others. With its own built in filters not one spam Email has got through, as yet not had to train it.
Works well with Incredimail and automatically imports friends list. THE BEST !!!!

"The Best"

by: Chris


Other Thoughts:

A great addition to any email client. I tried almost every spam filter available and this one beats them all. Spam has been reduced significantly. The only shortcoming is that there is no way of automatically importing the outlook contacts as "friendly", I had to do this by exporting the contacts to a csv file and importing them into Spamihilator. The reviewer Planup who suggests that this program is missing the point is doing that himself; no spam filter is perfect in blocking all threats and some may occasionally still come through. Spamihilator just does a better job than others in filtering and is also easy to use. For the advanced user there are several valuable plugins available that can be installed easily from within the program (besides the already active filters, the HTML links filter has shown to be most effective in my case). It also supports add-ins. My favorite is SpamiOL which creates buttons in Outlook that allows marking senders as friend or unwanted (unfortunately only available in German, but pretty self-explanatory).

"Missed the point"

by: planup


Other Thoughts:

This program installs as an add-on to your current e-mail program. This technique is a perfect illustration of missing the point. Any threats that this program misses get through to your machine. A spam filter must be a stand alone program that gives you the option of deleting threats before you do a send and receive in your chosen e-mail client. Avoid like the plague.


by: fresquez


Other Thoughts:

this is by far the best spam fighter i have ever tried. it runs seperate from outlook express but is smooth and catches most of my un-wanted email... very quick and supper easy to train

"Spamihilator v0.9.9.9"

by: DunbarKC


Other Thoughts:

I use it since a year.

It's a GREAT freeware.

"Best Spam Fighter on FreewareFiles"

by: RoadkillGrizzly


Other Thoughts:

I've tried all the spam fighters on freewarefiles and this program is by far the best and easiest to use.

"Great Freeware.."

by: Chaz


Other Thoughts:

This is the Best Freeware Spam Fighter out there..

Results: 1-10 of 10 Total Found