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"User friendly"

by: gekpeg

Mozilla Firefox Portable 51.0.1 / 52.0 Beta 2



Because I can modify it to my way of surfing it remains streets ahead of any other browser. Running with x83 addons and still pretty fast, never had a single issue with Firefox.

Other Thoughts:

Have five other browsers installed and evaluating on a daily basis.


"Slower than it used to be"

by: SoftwareBabe

Mozilla Firefox Portable 28.0



Good alternative.


By the time you get all the plugins and add-ons on, it is way too slow. It is too bad Mozilla can't just hard-code the best of the best security features in this browser so we don't have to add things.

Other Thoughts:

I realize that the Internet is prone to security problems and that Mozilla must play catchup all the time, but it is really becoming the slowest browser out there compared to Opera and the like.

"The Has been browser"

by: silvertop

Mozilla Firefox Portable 23.0



Nice looking. Its free.


Not what it used to be over the years. Compared to other browsers it can not stand up against them anymore. Too much of anything such as too many features and options slow browsing down. Too bad I used it for many years and at one time it was the eagle amongst the sparrows.

Other Thoughts:

I have used FF ever since they had the download project in 2008 for FF 3. Then I thought it was the cat's meow and used it until last year when they updated and things started to go down hill from there. Today it now stalls and crashes my Windows 7 and really gets annoying. Chrome is the way to go today. Firefox, move over and let the big boys run ahead.

"need more HTML5compatibility"

by: Henry

Mozilla Firefox Portable 20.0


Other Thoughts:

Need more HTML5 compatibility especially good features like [input type='date']

"Not Responding????"

by: Xzilus

Mozilla Firefox Portable 9.0





Everything else

Other Thoughts:

Use Pale Moon instead, It's WAY better!!!!

"Ram Hog"

by: Rodger

Mozilla Firefox Portable 7.0.1



easy to use-good for downloading video


so much for mozillas attempt to reduce ram use this thing is a ram monster still

Other Thoughts:

Glad I saved 3.6 portable it uses a lot less ram

"almost perfect"

by: midnight mouse


Other Thoughts:

Reviewer Henry is wrong. I have everything writing to memory-stick, use the options. It even understands home and end keys that my main firefox doesn't. My only big complaint is that I can't find a way for it to find and load previous bookmarks. which makes for a very laborious transfer.

by: Steven


Other Thoughts:

I've been using portableApps stuff for years, they are great. FF will run really fast if you tweak it a bit. The LiberKey thing isn't a solution for me, I want a standalone version of firefox & not be obliged to use some over-bloated suite that connects to a 3rd party site & forces me to use stuff from them.
I looked on the page (je parle francais) & there's no way to download a single app, just a choice of 3 packs which isn't everyone's cup of tea. The X-Firefox looks worth a test as it can be downloaded & run without anything extra.
btw - seems to grab the ff beta on liber, one must register & that too is annoying.

"No comparison with LiberKey version"

by: Aglen


Other Thoughts:

As usual, PortableApps publish the version 2 days after the LiberKey Portable version !
And with the Liberkey, you have direct Live Update from the LiberKey.

"there's a better solution"

by: reporter


Other Thoughts:

This is the most common portable Firefox but it's not the only one, and (interestingly enough) this one is much slower than the other (at least in my experience. The other one is X-Firefox from WinPenPack. Google to find. (It initially will have a language issue unless you speak Italian but that's easily fixed -- see the included instructions).


by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

better gui but ff going to be a bloatware!

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