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"BS-Christmas - ECO -> Events Analyzer"

by: Simon

BS-Christmas Browser 1.0



- Interesting. - Lightweight and easy to use. - With a single click, the user can gain access to websites like,,,,,,, and so on. - Won't try to replace that browser.


- Haven't download modules.

Other Thoughts:

Tool: ECO -> Events Analyzer


Determining the causes, consequences and relationship between events associated with the selected web site.

Analysis of the risks when working with web sites

Analysis of potential risks.
Allows very accurate determination of the individual factors that could contribute for the occurrence of unwanted events and could affect the ultimate realization of projects.

Reducing the risks in development phase

Helps to eliminate the adverse effects associated with logical errors in the programming process.

Additional features

- Support the process of on-site optimization of web sites.
- It stays unaffected by changes in the template.
- Has the ability to generate a short URL from string.
- Extremely useful in building update status modules.
- Indispensable for establishing "keyboard accelerators".


Keyboard accelerators, known as TranslateAccelerator, compare the key pressing with tables and in case of an established accordance they generate WM_COMMAND or WM_SYSCOMMAND, then one or another screen procedure is activated.

For desktop systems, they are know as "shortcuts" and have proved their functionality.

The most common result of pressing a key combination is to perform a function such as: copy, move, delete, start video streaming, displaying full screen, etc.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found