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"i was surprised with this one"

by: Stuart

Maxthon 2 v2.5.15.1000



fast,simple interface,very light,easy to set up and seems to load all pages.


none so far..

Other Thoughts:

I tried this browser after fixing my friends old pc.He needed a light browser as he is using a pc from the last century. Glad i did as i was surprised at how quick and light Maxthon is. It would struggle to be your default browser but its a winner for general use or maybe on a netbook or low spec pc.I didn't have any problems changing settings,simply click on menu and select options and you can change anything you want.It doesn't have a million add ons like firefox, instead it has enough to keep you happy and change skins. Its main feature has to be speed,its very quick and on par with Chrome and Opera and faster than Firefox.Well worth a go..


"Has been"

by: MarkF

Maxthon 2 v2.5.15.1000



Not much


Tried version 3...can't select where my downloads go...can't select private browsing...can't use rocker gestures anymore, not more super drag and drop so that you can drop a link in a background or fore ground tab.

Other Thoughts:

Once great browser now just a piece of useless junk...stick to firefox, at least you can mod it to make it useful


by: Mollie

Maxthon 2 v2.5.15.1000



Why can't you fix the memory leak issue? I've switched to Avant 2010 build 123 which is the most stable browser I ever used. Please fix it~

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by: kuder

Maxthon 2 v2.5.15.1000



Maxthon using very high cpu usage up to 90-100% using IE6 Version, Windows 2000, Dell Inspiron 3800, when visiting php/phyton websites.I have moved to Avant which uses less cpu and easy to use.

Other Thoughts:



by: Wooly Man


Other Thoughts:

Maxthon, Proxomitron, and Jap running together and configured properly, gives hacker fits. All free and available here. Maxthon gets my vote, the best !!!

"No spell checker"

by: John B.


Other Thoughts:

The new version eliminated the spell checker and it's difficult to find one that works. Can no longer get IESpell to work. A browser without spell check is pretty much worthless. It's also a resouce hog, I have to shut it down after a while to get it to release page file space. I've been using this browser for years, since early MyIE, but if they don't deal with the spell check issue and some of the bloat, that's it.

"My First Choice For Years....But I Recommend The Classic Versions (1.x)"

by: Uma


Other Thoughts:

My favorite browser, but I would stick with the classic versions 1.x.

The classic version uses 4,000k to 8,000k of ram, has all the extras most users could want, with a vast selection of skins.

"Once , the best."

by: Jedijax


Other Thoughts:

I used to be a Maxthon fan, and worked with it for many years, till Mozilla Firefox hit the 3.5 version, and I found the plethora of add-ons of that browser to put Maxthon to shame.

I guess Mozilla has a lot more support from software developers, and its community is continuously adding perks to the browser.

Whatever the case, once I figure out a way to fix the flash-lag in Firefox, I'll be kissing Maxthon goodbye, for good.


by: Bocky


Other Thoughts:

The best browser!!!!

"Years and years"

by: Greyowl750


Other Thoughts:

ive used it wayyyyyyy back when 2 was not yet out at it. That said ive had a couple issues with some versions but i just drop back to the one installed before and wait for the next one, 95% of the time it has been just what the doctor ordered.

"Very Satisfied"

by: Low Runner


Other Thoughts:

This has been my daily browser for 2yrs., tried all of them. I've found the Classic version to be glich-free.

by: JK


Other Thoughts:


"New Tab button"

by: John Freeman


Other Thoughts:

One problem with Maxthon2, lacking in Maxthon Classic, is that the new tab buttons by default will open only blank pages, not your Google homepage. If you configure the Maxthon toolbar Home button to open a new google homepage, it will lose the ability to take a tab back to the homepage.

"Maxthon Stable"

by: pctech


Other Thoughts:

Good browser shell, but it does NOT work on Win98SE systems. The program author should clarify that only their "Classic" version runs properly on Win98. Even the classic version has some issues with a password manager, as it does not always auto-fill password info correctly, as it will often trigger opening a help menu.
Other than those issues, it seems to be a much better alternative to using IE.

"v- Beta"

by: mweizor


Other Thoughts:

On 2kpro..
I know it's a beta release, but...

When I try to use the Setup Center, I get blank screen with notice to Enable Javascript.
Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see it.
The Content Control won't hold my command (display checkmark).
My IE Security is set to medium ; I don't have this problem with any other IE-based browser.

From its previous release , the Zoom feature now works for me.

I'll give it a 3 because it is in Beta stage and the Authors wisely and respectfully listed what the update consists

"cant find a flaw!"

by: cybertyger


Other Thoughts:

super convenient and super-fun. brings new excitement to browsing


by: mweizor


Other Thoughts:

A bit too busy for me ... its all upfront attitude (you hide the stuff)

what's this Thunder stuff?

Installs at 14.62mb.. that's ok, just saying.. some seem to think ' wow!, look how small the download' , true, but what does it unzip/ install to

Its Zoomm didn't work, for me , on 2k/sp4 --- probably the only other feature this user would use (besides popup/ ad blockers) and good search engine portfolios are a dime-a-dozen , these days... but that's me..

I'm not saying it's bad

I just don't care...

Just get me there


by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

my comp lag often when using maxthon. never hav this probs when i use opera, firefox, ie. hav no prob wif speed

"Talk serious to me..."

by: Bogeyman


Other Thoughts:

I don't know what some people think... Maxthon is a super-good browser. That rendering issue (by Me): it doesn't matter, it normally reduces in milisseconds the loading speed. And it doesn't matter even more, because of the superspeed connections available today. And, by the rendering pages appearence side, web pages in most of cases don't need to be beautiful. The ones that need, uses so far advanced technologies than the ordinary pages. Anyway, our eyes will not notice the differences between the pages loaded with one or other rendering engines.
And the find in page issue (by CharlieOrlando): the new finding scheme is genial, when we order the find, Maxthon finds all the ocurrences, we just need click on the "+" signal to view them, and go directly in that one we want. And we have a preview of what's really writen, because some around words appear together. Anyway, if we prefer the finding scheme with autofind while typing, there are plugins in Maxthon addons site that works in this way. But the worst review was that about the IP tracer (by browman)... oh my... Maxthon can identifies itself as any browser you want it identifies itself, and can identifies even your operational system as any other... you just need to have the knowledge to do it, in the proper field, in advanced options. It can be useful to deceive hackers... as an example, they could view your browser and OS identification and think: "what I would want with someone who still uses IE6?" or "I cannot attack this guy, because he uses Mac-OS, my virus isn't for Mac-OS..."
Maxthon rules, who say the opposite doesn't know anything.
Have fun with Maxthoooooon!!!

"Best has yet to come"

by: Tery


Other Thoughts:

For those that disappointed in this browser then consider it again that u r using a beta version to test it out if u missing any kind of features then go to the maxthon's main site and make some suggestions don't say nonesense on this best browser ever made with tons of useful feature. I been using this since it came out with its original name called myie2. Maxthon always at its best

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