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"Nice bookmark manager"

by: smaragdus



Other Thoughts:

StorURL is the best free bookmark manager I have ever tested. It offers many handy features:

- portable version (one can run it from external drives with all its data and settings);
- it can import bookmarks from all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera);
- it can work with multiple databases;
- databases can be password-protected;
- unlimited categories can be added;
- databases can be exported to CSV/XML files (either the selected category or the whole database);
- it can generate HTML files (for the whole database or for the selected category);
- it can verify bookmarks;
- it can retrieve site icons;
- it has a floating bar (which can be customized in terms of position, size and colour);
- it has tray support;
- bookmarks can be launched from the main window, from the floating toolbar and from the tray icon;
- multiple browsers can be added and bookmarks can be launched in the desired browser;
- it has integrated search;
- it has 'night mode' visual style;
- it has 'always on top' mode;
- it includes a database editor;
- detailed help is included;

On top of all that the developer is extremely helpful and open to suggestions.

"@ headscratcher - It's clean"

by: Admin



Other Thoughts:

We checked the file locally with avast, McAfee, and Malwarebytes' Antimalware, all of which reported the file as clean. We also checked the file with which scans files with over 50 different virus scanners:

It appears that Windows Defender is reporting a false-positive.

"Flagged As Malware"

by: headscratcher






The moment I downloaded this software it got flagged by Windows Defender as "malware" and was immediately removed.

Other Thoughts:

What's UP?

"Easy to use"

by: Carol


Other Thoughts:

It does work, really easy to use. Very good tool to have if you have lots of bookmarks. Did I mention it is a "Great Tool to have"!

"Clean and practical"

by: Ad


Other Thoughts:

Very useful tool.
Does what it promises.


by: brian


Other Thoughts:

is not capable of importing nested folders, ie., cannot dig deeper than one level into your ie fav folder. useless for me.

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found