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"Leeaves registry entries"

by: Jim

FileZilla Portable 3.37.4



Does what it is suppose to do


Updates set my connect entries to blank. When uninstalled. Leaves several registry entries that will not delete even if a take permission tool is used. Very bad for such a good program.

Other Thoughts:

Fix connect problem. Allow delete registry entries. Although I checked do not update. The program nags every time I use to update. Fix this.


"NOT insecure"


FileZilla Portable 3.14.1


Other Thoughts:

If you run the portable version of FileZilla, EVERY file and setting is stored within the root folder of your portable install on your USB drive. NOTHING is stored on C or anywhere else.


by: Henry

FileZilla Portable



Even if you run Filezilla from USB stick, your Sitemanager and other config are saved in c:usersnameAppDataRoamingFilezilla. Anyone who has access to this computer can get your passwords of all sites listed in Sitemanager.

Other Thoughts:

NEVER run Filezilla from USB stick.

"3.7.0 Stable"

by: Admin

FileZilla Portable 3.7.0


Other Thoughts:

It's not a pre-release. This is the stable version. The stable client is here:

The developer has not updated their other page yet.

"Not truly portable"

by: Henry

FileZilla Portable 3.6.0



Version 3.60 made no improvement on portability. Site manager is still saved in C: drive. If you carry it in USB thumb and plug in another person's computer, you won't see your Sites. If you create sites, you leave them in his computer. After you left, he can access all your sites. Why can't the author see this loophole ?

Other Thoughts:

I suggest that NEVER run it from USB thumb drive. I recommend a truly portable FTP client: WinSCP_Portable.

"not really portable"

by: Henry

FileZilla Portable 3.5.3



Site Manager (profiles) are saved in c:document and settinguserapplication datafilezilla. This means that if I carry this freeware on USB, when plugged in someone else's computer, the Site Manager is empty.

Other Thoughts:

To make it truly portable, the site manager should be saved on the Filezilla program folder instead of c: drive.

"Download works!!"

by: Phy


Other Thoughts:

Easy, nice and FREE!!

Is an excellent program to upload files, RECOMMENDED

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