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"Works perfectly for what it is"

by: compmend

NooG 2.5



I was able to install this on Linux Mint via Wine. The program opened perfectly and I was presented with a small search box. Advanced features are available by clicking the three lines to the right of the search box. This program is basically a search engine advanced term searcher. It does provide good results for a selected number of file types


The program doesn't make use of tags such as "-inurl, -intitle, "index of", etc." which would allow it to show more results. Also you are unable to choose your own file types, only those included within the program dropdown which limits your searches considerably unless you manually type "filetype:YOUR FILE TYPE" in the search box

Other Thoughts:

I think the program is OK for what it is. I have an HTML & Javascript page that I wrote, that does a more comprehensive search than this program though, so I uninstalled this program.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found