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"Websearch Launcher Offers a Better Workflow for Internet Searches and Translations"

by: John Rico

Websearch Launcher 2.0



1 - Selection search works across different browsers and from almost any programs. 2 - Many settings options to get better search results from Google. a > (a handy build in google parameters insert tool. here you can ex/include words or put your own parameters) b > (google parameters settings from out check boxes) 3 - Selection search to diverse search engines. 4 - Meta search engines. 5 - Better Workflow for Internet Searches and Translations. 6 - Selection search from Clipboard. 7 - Special merge copy function with this you can copy text on different places and then translation it or do a search. 8 - Different Translations engines. 9 - And many more.



Other Thoughts:

Working with Websearch Launcher give users a whole new experience/perspective of how to search or translate better and faster on internet. I Believe that this can be a new way and an evolution way of how we can do in the future the searching or translations.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found