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by: Nick

Data Crow 3.9.21



Looks nice and can handle a book, movie, music, etc collection.


It's doesn't like to import files from excel (CSV).

Other Thoughts:

It looked like a good software but it needs work to import my excel files. If you have a large movie collection, this would a headache.


"Wow! Terrific!"

by: Kittie Spit


Other Thoughts:

To other users-if you have problems installing, go to the homepage & try either another version, or better, try either the latest installer (installer is in the filename) OR, better, try the "binaries" only ("binaries" in the filename).You MUST have Java installed. Also, pay attention to directions on how to install the "binaries" version. [Basically, you extract to a temp folder and then run a simple command line bit of text to install.

But, again, DOEs require JAVA!

"cant install"

by: a town


Other Thoughts:

had same problem puter wont recognize any of the files I was excited to see two good reviews and the features of the program are what I'm looking for. If anyone figures out how to install this program or knows of another free program like it please email me at thanks

"Great product!"

by: Joshua


Other Thoughts:

Does it all!!

"Useful Tool"

by: Twink


Other Thoughts:

Very use full tool! I use it for my software and movie collection. Had no issues installing the product..

"Incomplete program"

by: Jesse


Other Thoughts:

There is no install file in this packet. just a bunch of unuseable files. with no setup/install I don't know if the program is any good or not.

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found