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"@ JimBenton - Portable Version"

by: Admin

CDBurnerXP Pro Portable


Other Thoughts:

This is the "portable" version. Note the title: "CDBurnerXP Pro Portable". We do not have the "install" version on our website.


"Install version has Adware--Get the Portable Version"

by: JimBenton

CDBurnerXP Pro Portable



Great CD burning software. Has an intuitive interface.


The install versions have adware, but the portable versions are clean.

Other Thoughts:

You may have to go to the author's site to get the portable version. It is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


by: jj

CDBurnerXP Pro Portable



Kaspersky reports a virus when trying to install this version Did not happen with the previous versions

Other Thoughts:


"does the job & fairly portable"

by: BrokeJOAT

CDBurnerXP Pro Portable



Works well on every computer I have, even decade-old laptops. Rarely creates coasters- *very* rarely. Decent interface, good feature set.


None that come to mind, even tolerates background operation well on XP pro SP3 on old laptop.

Other Thoughts:

"How can a program be portable if it requires Microsoft.NET?"

Well, .NET isn't machine-specific, and lots of computers have .NET 2.0- so it's portable among all of them.

It would kind of clunky putting that in the tile, though.



CDBurnerXP Pro Portable


Other Thoughts:

How can a program be portable if it requires Microsoft.NET?

"Great CD Burning Software"

by: evropej

CDBurnerXP Pro



All around great program. I have nothing to complain about. I use this for burning everything. Why pay for glitchy software?



Other Thoughts:

I wish they would say whats new in the releases so people can decide whether to update or not. Would be nice to have dot net files incorporated in the package.

"Now Contains Spyware"

by: Curandero


Other Thoughts:

Read the license agreement! This otherwies great application now contains OpenCandy monitoring software. OpenCandy claims that they can modify their uer agreement at any time.


by: Steve


Other Thoughts:

Great Product! Nero 5.0 was good also but they added all that extra "stuff" and now it's worthless.

"cdburnerxp pro"

by: vibesmaster


Other Thoughts:

did a good job for me over the two years I have been using it.

"very good !"

by: popo


Other Thoughts:

very good !!!!!

"Does the job,no problems"

by: Alias


Other Thoughts:

Easy to use ,lightweight app, ease of use , reliable,excellent results no burn failures (which is often down to poor quality blank media).
Why use any other program best free .

"Tried it, didn't like it."

by: Gorp


Other Thoughts:

I tried it once. Then I found Imgburn. Now that's all I use or recommend.

"CDBurner Pro"

by: John


Other Thoughts:

I quit using Nero since I discovered this program. Never went back

"The Best"

by: Tony


Other Thoughts:

This is the only burning software I use any more for audio, data, and ISO images, I have had no problems with any thing I've burnt.

"Very good disc burning app."

by: farpointstation


Other Thoughts:

I use two disc burning apps, CDBurnerXP Pro and ImgBurn. My burning activities are limited to CD-R Verbatim standard discs. I have yet to create a coaster. I have read some very disparaging reviews about CDBurnerXP Pro. The only hack that I have is that the GUI could be more intuitive and less "multi-click". Other than the GUI, the app burns fast with no glitches. I would rate ImgBurn 5 stars simply for the more user friendly GUI. Otherwise, I consider the two apps about evensteven.

"Corrupt Burns"

by: Inndesign


Other Thoughts:

Saw the hype while looking for a no nonsense application on the light side. Have used many over the years, but always on lookout. As a server administrator, I installed on Small Business Server 2003 and a Terminal Server for content backup. Used current ASUS and LG DVD everything writers. CDBurner only created corrupt DVD coasters after several tries. Take a chance if you want, but didn't work for me at all. ImgBurn is superior along with BurnAware Free for small burning apps that do it all.


by: Marco


Other Thoughts:

It is realy easy to use and not to much things in it what isnt realy needed.

Full Points!

"Very useful!!!"

by: Happy User


Other Thoughts:

I don't know what everyone is complaining about. This is a great program: small size, fast, easy to use, contains all of the essential features of a burning suite and it gets the job done! I've used Nero, but after I discovered CDburnerXP I've never used Nero again. 5 stars!


by: commercob


Other Thoughts:

If u have protected mp3-file,this prog destroys your cd-disc, and claims that it was unuseble. That's a LIE !


by: quisquis


Other Thoughts:

wouldn't launch from icon, then told me I need permission to remove it (permission from whom??). More free software that's worth exactly what you pay for it

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