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"Help is Available"

by: ThisBoy

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 11.3.0



A dedicated group of geeks keep these many codecs updated often. Leave a note for any difficulties you have on their website. They are human so please be patient.



Other Thoughts:

I recommend the Mega Pack for a computer audio and video enthusiast. Freewarefiles has the website address next to the download button. Smaller packs are available. If you don't want the media player uncheck it. Codecs install without interfering with your other software.


by: cyberbellee

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.8.0



Plays most multimedia files thrown on it. The integration of video capture from a web cam is a nice feature as well as the media info.


This "mega" cocktail of codec sometimes give me a headache to configure properly but pleasurable when I got it right on my computer.

Other Thoughts:

There are releases that will make me mad because I cannot properly configure my 5.1 speaker system to function as 5.1 do. Release 7.8.0 is one of them. Actually release 7.7.0 is also the same and I uninstall it. Just downloaded this one to try again. It is now two releases in a row that the problem persist. I was thinking that this is only related to its support of older OS such as WinXP but in my Win7 I experience same problem. I'll stay out of this pack for a while.

by: watcher


Other Thoughts:

To -Sunday

Go to the website and read the change log

"Real missing?"

by: Sunday


Other Thoughts:

I've installed this codec pack, but I still can't play rmvb file on my pc... I think there is some problem with the real alternative...

"solved all my codec probs"

by: Freeboy


Other Thoughts:

I love this codec pack. I had some broken codecs and everything was messed up. Then I installed K-lite codec pack and it automatically detected all those issues with broken codecs and obsolete registry entries during installation. After installation, everything worked fine again! Awesome. And even more so, because you can choose between different packages according to your needs: Basic, Standard, Full, Mega, Corporate. Basic is enough for me and keeps lightweight. Excellent!

"One of My Favorite"

by: cyberbellee


Other Thoughts:

This software plays a lot of multimedia files. This means you don't have to install different players for different type of media. It also gives you lots of option to customize your setting according to your preferences and what hardware is available in your PC.

The option to utilize the power of the graphic card instead of CPU is a welcome development specially if you have one designed for gaming, multimedia and complex graphic rendition. You will see a big improvement in the way it handles DVDs and Blue rays.

My contention is that it will scan for missing or perceived problematic codec in your system. I have a Samsung phone and I installed the accompanying CD which has its own multimedia player. When you install or update K-Lite, it will tell you that the codec has some problem and need to be uninstalled. At first I was thinking that it is fine because K-Lite will have compatible codec for it to run. My action is a big mistake because Samsung's PC suite did not work anymore preventing me not just using the multimedia player but from synchronizing my phone and PC. I have to reinstall the PC Suite just to avail again the services.

Another instances is, when installed this codec to a PC with a 9-year old Genius camera and at that time the camera was unplugged, it reported that a codec which is not used anymore is detected and must be removed. Another mistake of mine. I have to rummage the worldwide web to find the driver because the camera did not work anymore.

Why K-Lite should miss around with the other codec installed in the system is beyond me. I presume they would just like to help.

"No malware"

by: Chocobito


Other Thoughts:

This soft not contain any malware, if some user say so is because he came infected by something else, totally clean soft, by Softpedia, by FreewareFiles and by me.

by: dantheman


Other Thoughts:

great pack ive been using it for a long time! highly recommended!

"WARNING !!!!"

by: Kriztu


Other Thoughts:

this pack contains Zlob! installed a version of smitfraud in my pc and made the last few days of my life hell!

by: fricz


Other Thoughts:


"it is legal"

by: Trefayne


Other Thoughts:

It is fully legal, I think the best codec pack I have ever used...
After trying Acemegacodecpack (almost ruins my computer), K-Lite powered up my home computer with the best codecs!

"Best Codeck Pack"

by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

title says it all. i'm just curious, is it legal?

"Excelent codec"

by: johandwi


Other Thoughts:

cool codec...heheheh...

"Best Codecs Around!"

by: Ray Alex


Other Thoughts: makes the best and most needed codecs today, works perfect.
Also works with Real Alternative Player.


by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Installs codecs that enable your native video & audio players to play more vid/audio types.

For portable playing, recommend VLC, KM Player, or Media Classic

"Great Software"

by: Sonic Pumpkin


Other Thoughts:

Man This A Great Software. Forger Windom Media Player Or Power DVD. Use K-Lite Mega Codec And You Get Anything Play Multimedia Player

"for ever"

by: francesco


Other Thoughts:

k-lite mega codec pack 4.0.0 + vlc for ever !

"A good programme"

by: PJ


Other Thoughts:

Never had any problems with this programme and it plays everything I can think of - excellent!

"k-lite mega codec"

by: franco


Other Thoughts:

k-lite mega codec pack + vlc = best couple in the world

"K-lite Mega Codec Pack"

by: Jayg


Other Thoughts:

One most excellent codec packs that include all the codec packs. My favourites since using K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v1.5.3 till v3.8.5. Nice Work!

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