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"works great for me"

by: bob mcmainhs

Mp3tag 2.70



wide variety of tagging tools including online tag sorces, flexible file name to tag and tag to file name.


haven't noticed any in my usage

Other Thoughts:

essential tool for audio tagging.


"Has Bugs"

by: Nick

Mp3tag 2.58



Good mp3, flac tag editor.


The renaming function doesn't work right, it use to be easy now it just doesn't work.

Other Thoughts:

Fix the renaming function.

by: Xzilus

Mp3tag 2.49b



So easy a child can use it. the best at mass tagging a huge collection.


no lyrics input available

Other Thoughts:

this would get 5 if not for the above "cons"

"Doesn't get any better than this"

by: Freeboy

Mp3tag 2.47a



Rich functionality at slim size. It's stable and fast. I don't miss a thing there. It really has everything one needs for tagging mp3s in an elaborate way.



Other Thoughts:

If you're looking for the perfect mp3 tagging software, don't look any further. Download this.

"Mp3tag 2.45a"

by: brian


Other Thoughts:

it´s one of the best i have tested so far.
thanks :)


by: Ray Martin


Other Thoughts:

Excellent software. I don't know what all the complaints are about, especially those who say it's too easy to make a mistake - you have to deliberately save your changes, so unless you randomly just click things without looking, what is the problem? Nothing is idiot proof and it's time the idiots accepted that.

"Very Confusing GUI"

by: Cad Delworth CEng MB


Other Thoughts:

The confusing and massively counter-intuitive GUI makes it MUCH too easy to remove or overwrite a tag when you don't mean to (!).
Mp3-Tag Studio is an uglier but much easier to use (and less dangerous) alternative.

by: Argy


Other Thoughts:

Very good and fast!


by: Ray Martin


Other Thoughts:

I've been using this app for a while now and I love it. It's great for sorting out tags before importing downloaded music into itunes. Top marks!

"Win 2000 not supported"

by: Larry T.


Other Thoughts:

Contrary to the description, Windows 2000 is NOT supported, but Win 2003 is, according to the message issued upon install.

"Nice Timesaver"

by: Fotzenbefruchter


Other Thoughts:

Tagged my whole mp3 collection with this tool. Saved me a lot of time!

"Great!!! Mega Time Saver"

by: Jimmy


Other Thoughts:

I tell you what this is by far the best tag editor weather it be for one file or one thousand files. With the easy to read online help guide you it is easy to learn how to convert those whacked file names from songs you've downloaded from willie nilly sites into tags than convert those tags to the file name!!! I just downloaded it 10 mins ago and already saved hours!!! I am starting up a pay pal account just to donate money to the developer!!

"Missing Capabilities"

by: Anonymous Smith


Other Thoughts:

When converting filenames to tags or filenames, doesn't appear to be any way to leave out part of the filename in the result. For example, with the filename "song - artist (CD).mp3," it's apparently not possible to leave out " (CD)" in the resulting tags or filenames. Will have to resort to another utility. Didn't get past that, so can't say much about other the features.

"Terrible Instructions"



Other Thoughts:

This program might have potential. Unfortunately, its Help area is pitiful. This program is unusable.


by: intellimoo


Other Thoughts:

Finally, a fully featured free one.


by: Joeshmoe


Other Thoughts:

I've tried a few different tag managers, and I find the features in this to be better than most. Especially the rename, and "Tag to File Name" & "File Name to Tag" functions. Also, the album cover feature is nice.


by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

its a beta version... i wonder how the final release will be...

"Mp3tag 2.40c Beta"

by: Cibomatto2002


Other Thoughts:

It's so easy even a cave man can use it :)

"Ease of use"

by: mig11


Other Thoughts:

Nice app,but is still prefer media monkey.


by: Bit Shot


Other Thoughts:

This the best music file tag utility, that I have used. I like the Tag to File Name/File Name to Tag naming feature it has. The program is free, and it works very well.

Results: 1-20 of 33 Total Found