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"ok but..."

by: brokengent

Floola 5.8



simple interface


takes awhile to load

Other Thoughts:

when it's unable to find or recognize the album artwork, the program automatically shuts down. so annoying.


"no recognition"

by: MeMore


Other Thoughts:

At start it does not recognize my nano 2gb and tells me to start iTunes to solve the problem. But I can't close Floola 'cause it restarts repeatedly when I try to.


by: Rick


Other Thoughts:

Use Sharepod, streets ahead of this rubbish.

"Good freeware"

by: jye


Other Thoughts:

works great for me everytime as long as i keep it up to date


by: Blindsided


Other Thoughts:

Sometimes this program works good, sometimes it doesn't work at all.

Back & forth as Apple tries to lock out 3rd party developers from accessing their device without iTunes... Speaking of which, they seem to demand a NEW version every other month or so...

Apple works very hard to try to make it impossible to share your songs on another pc, even going so far as to rename your music files (example: Metallica - One might be something like A1ZY)

What a pain in the neck! Finally, I dumped the ipod for Philips Magnavox MP# player.

Best decision I ever made! Easy, no need to make playlists, no songs getting renamed, works with WMA, has built in mike, no confusing software to install to access it, XP auto installs it....

Drag n drop & hit play!!!

Thank you Philips, for doing what Apple refuses to! It is the reason I switched! Philips is a great sounding MP3 player with a simple menu to use....

Other cheaper MP3 players just don't cut it!

"5 Starz!"

by: Calcatian


Other Thoughts:

I have an iPod gen5+. I installed MPC+QT Alt & got this tool(it doesn't require installation) & kicked off iTunes etc bloatware. Now I am a lot happier. Thanks a lot to the developers.


by: Leland


Other Thoughts:

What can I say Floola is a great program for managing your iPod. Much nicer than Apple's software.




Other Thoughts:

Above works 10000 times better then Floola.

"Not Usable Yet"

by: PAR


Other Thoughts:

Tried to use this to replace iTunes, can add info, artwork,etc easily. However, after ejecting my Ipod, my previous artwork,songs are gone. Fixing it with tools included (developer knows it will create problem then) is not successful. Has to use iTunes to restore default factory setting

"Album Art Error"



Other Thoughts:

Do not use this. It corrupts all your album art which was saved using itunes.


by: Riot13


Other Thoughts:

Finally, I found a program that adds to and can delete songs from my gen2 Ipod. I've only been using for a short time, but am impressed with it so far. Very user friendly.

Results: 1-11 of 11 Total Found