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"The Best (I've tried them all)"

by: Buster Hymen


Other Thoughts:

Absolutely the best, easiest, smallest, simplest. Great for MP3 letters to friends. I use it all the time. Lovely little program.


"Quick and Easy"

by: Photofreak9


Other Thoughts:

This is quick and easy for recording a song or two to play through the OEM cheapo speakers that came with you puter. It won't sound too good through your home theater system. No noise suppression or editing capabilities. What do expect for free. It works to a degree.

"Inadequate sound quality."

by: zarkon


Other Thoughts:

Aside from the fact that this seems to be a somewhat reduced version of a for pay-product, it also performs fairly poorly. I recently compared several mp3 recorders listed on the FreewareFiles site and this one simply gave unacceptable sound quality. The level of background noise plus distortion and breakup on voice recordings was very noticable and led me to reject this product.


by: savato


Other Thoughts:

really cool ,,,

"Simple and effective"

by: Liam


Other Thoughts:

Extremely simple to use, and works fine for any sort of recording to MP3 or WAV that doesn't require any digital signal processing or editing. Capable of producing a good quality recording from a HiFi using a connection between the headphone output and the computer microphone or line in input. Virtually the only thing necessary to achieve good results is to make sure the input is not overloaded with a signal that is too high - as just the hifi output volume to fix this.

"It sucks"

by: g


Other Thoughts:

Might be free but sounds like you're recording in a dustbin. Really terrible.

by: Afton


Other Thoughts:

It doesn't play back except through

"It IS Freeware"

by: Guennie


Other Thoughts:

It IS freeware, because it's vers. 1.0. The time limited demo is the actual version 2.0.x

"Not Freeware"

by: Micheal


Other Thoughts:

After several pages you find that it's a time-limited demo.

"nicest thing"

by: Javier


Other Thoughts:

this is like the best thing i have ever goten my hands on

"brilliant program"

by: exploder2986


Other Thoughts:

this program is amazing i have used in many ways and have enjoyed using it it is simple cool and easy to use thank you to however the author of this program is cheers

"I Like it"

by: Salina


Other Thoughts:

this is what I am looking for, and it's so nice to find such a FREEWARE!!

"Simply awful!"

by: CoolKuma


Other Thoughts:

The quality of the recording was awful compared with that of other free recorders. I cannot recommend this one.

"It works!"

by: HKLozzo


Other Thoughts:

This seems a very good, simple and easy tool. It does what it says on the box and you can't ask for more considering its free. Thanks.


by: fiqan


Other Thoughts:

this product's good

by: linotyper


Other Thoughts:

A small. effective tool that does the job asked of it without a lot of frills.


by: Alexia


Other Thoughts:

yes, it can encode audio to mp3 on the fly!


by: Jeff


Other Thoughts:

This programe was exactly what i was looking for it had no spybots or add-ons no price to pay it was perfection


by: corrector


Other Thoughts:

Easy of use???????

"Easy of use"

by: Thomas


Other Thoughts:

It's very nice to find such a program that easy to use and free of charge

Results: 1-20 of 21 Total Found