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"Good but crashed!"

by: Nick

Audacity 2.0.4



Good program for edition audio files. The best part is that it's free!


Version 2.0.4 crashed my computer, it wouldn't start, the start menu was missing and my computer fan wouldn't turn off. My Win Xp couldn't take it.

Other Thoughts:

I don't know what happened because the previous version was excellent and it worked perfectly. Hopefully, they fix all this on version 2.0.5


"Deceptively Powerful"

by: dB

Audacity 1.3.13 Beta



Full multi-track capabilities. Lots of built in effects. Even more optional plug-in effects. Excellent support through forum. Includes comprehensive manual. Sample accure editing. Unlimited levels of Undo (while project is open). Simple to use. Commonly used features available through menus or keyboard shortcuts. Works internally with ultra high quality 32-bit float format. Fully open source (GPL) Windows Mac and Linux fully supported.


Recording from the internet is not always possible on Vista/Win 7, though this is really a limitation of some Windows computers rather than Audacity. Does not directly edit files but imports/exports standard audio files while using its own "Project" format (as do most multi-track editors).

Other Thoughts:

I've been a regular user of Audacity since 1.3.4 and it gets better and better. Current version is 1.3.13 and is the best yet, though roumour has it that 1.3.14 will be released in the next few days.

"Best freeware audio editor...period"

by: royal1

Audacity 1.3.12 RC 5



I've used Audacity for years without issue to edit and modify mp3 files. Only a small learning curve and it's FREE.



Other Thoughts:



by: ThisBoy


Other Thoughts:

I fail to understand how anyone can find this software difficult to use. Easy to edit any audio file. Lots of help available and all for free. No one needs more window dressing to edit an audio file.

If you want more buttons and fancier icons then spend money on software that does less than Audacity.

"Not For Beginners"

by: RonnieJ


Other Thoughts:

Very awkward to work with and if you are not experienced in using these type progs, then you will have trouble. I believe this prog is overrated..

"Audacity 1.3.8 Beta crash"

by: enlightened


Other Thoughts:

I installed Audacity 1.3.8 Beta on 2 XP PCs and it did not run on either. It gave a visual C+ runtime error. It is not yet working yet and it is best to wait for a final version.

"just great"

by: khalil


Other Thoughts:

it's a very great software thanks

"Great Program"

by: Sanitylost


Other Thoughts:

I use this to record my keyboard, drums and many other instruments it does a great job. I then can edit the tracks and export to different file types. It has never crashed on my XP system. I am using version 1.2.6 and am anxiously awaiting the final release of 1.3.6.

"Great for FREE"

by: JT


Other Thoughts:

I fail to understand why some keep knocking this piece of software. It is free and does what it says on the box. It has never let me down and I have been using it for some years.
If you want more features, pay for them!


by: Not a musician


Other Thoughts:

Metrujectiktus said: "so many people rave about this software but in fact they just use cracked versions of Soundforge"
Really? if they're using cracked software then why should they bother with freeware?
i never tried Soundforge, or any other commercial audio editor (in fact i never used warez - hard to believe, i know), but i'm sure it's much more pro then Audacity. It's not fair to compare them!
Audacity is excellent, i'm not a musician but i used it for recording radio streams, basic editing like fade in/out or cut silences in the beginning of mp3 files, i even made a mixed tape with it. All went well, not a single crash (i have 1GB of RAM).
IMHO this is freeware at it's best.

"to Metrujectiktus"

by: Cabaret Voltaire


Other Thoughts:

Ok, fair enough, i understand your point of view now.
Actually, i think Audacity worth 3.5/5 (i prefer Wavosaur), the reason i gave it 5/5 is to balance those who keeps giving it 1/5 with no good reason IMO.
So now i gave it 4/5 - what it really worths IMO.

"To the previous reviewer"

by: Metrujectiktus


Other Thoughts:

Giving 1/5 may sound rude but it make a right balance : so many people rave about this software but in fact they just use cracked versions of Soundforge or Wavelab and really never used Audacity:
- Buggy as hell
- Terrible workflow : what you can do with Soundforge in less than 5 sec takes you minutes with Audacity
- no VST GUI, so all the best VST effects are unusable : how can you load an impulse wav file into SIR VST (the best free VST reverb plugin) in Audacity ? --> you can't
- previewing effects the oldschool way make it just impossible to work (seriously) with.

It deserve something like 2.5/5 but with all the 5/5 given by people who just talk without having ever used it, i have to give 1.

"to the previous reviewer:"

by: Cabaret Voltaire


Other Thoughts:

So you give it 1 star out of 5?

To each his own, but when i give 1 star to a program here it's only if it's spyware/adware/not realy freeware/a program that can hurt your computer.

This is not the case here - the worst thing that you can say about Audacity is that it's buggy.

It's a free program (really free - open source), it will never go commercial, people are working to improve it only for one reason - love & ideology, so that everyone will have the chance to make music for free.

Giving it 1/5 is just rude.

"Very good"

by: hawrys


Other Thoughts:

More stable than version 1.2, rich of features!

"I use it & love it"

by: The The


Other Thoughts:

I use it regulary to record audio, wav to mp3 converting, batch processing, audio file cleaning and some other nifty things like reversing audio etc. It's quite stable on my system (only few crashes here & there), the native plugins aren't too bad, the VST support could be better.
Overall it's a very good product (considering the price) & i fully respect their open source ethics so gave it 5/5.


by: Sleazy


Other Thoughts:

Great program with lot of useful features and totally free. Freeware at it's best :)


by: Cern.jeke


Other Thoughts:

a piece of crap

"Who uses WMA?!"



Other Thoughts:

I can't believe that there are people who still uses WMA these days. Maybe you needs RM support too? WMA it's a joke.

Oh, and about Audacity...

Overall it's a nice free application, i would give it 3 or 4 stars but because of reviewers who give it only 1 star with no good reason (common, if it's overated than give it 3, maybe 2 stars... but 1?! there are much much worser applications that costs $$$) i rated it 5.


by: demo


Other Thoughts:

It does NOT work with Vista
Crash as hell on XP
workflow --> bad
overall features --> quantity but zero quality
No WMA support, poor effects, this software was suerly not bad in 2001 maybe, but nowadays it's obsolete.

"The best for free"

by: Gong


Other Thoughts:

It does crash sometimes, but not every 5 minutes, that's for sure (at least not here). Just remember to press on the "save" button once in awhile - like in any other serious work on your PC. I record with it, do simple tasks like trim, normalize, fade in/out etc. Overall it's a good product, and completely free. Can't understand those who cry here that it's not as good as Soundforge - you get what you pay for after all.
Also, if you're using the best of the best like Soundforge (and probably paid good money for it:P) then why move to something else? That's strange.

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