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"Must have software"

by: someperson

DAEMON Tools Lite 4.45.3



- really easy to use - all you need for disc emulation


- for some secured disc emulation you need older versions

Other Thoughts:

-Tom 23, i'm currently on win 7 using daemon tools and I never have such a problem.


"Emulation don´t work"

by: Tom 23

DAEMON Tools Lite 4.41.3



4 virtual drives can be adet


The new Version doesen´t support Emulation under Win7 64 bit. To install an older Version you must reinstall Win7. Epic Fail !

Other Thoughts:


"I like DAEMON Tools Lite"

by: Mamay


Other Thoughts:

I bought a netbook and as it doesn't have DVD-ROM it was troublesome for me to work with discs.

I didn't want to buy an external drive 'cause it's not really comfortable, especially on the go. On my opinion, it's better to create one or several virtual drives and use disc images instead. So I've chosen DAEMON Tools Lite as a DVD emulator.
I don't need lots of virtual drives so 4 ones are more than enough for me. It's like a CD-changer in use.

I can run virtual discs as if the original disc was inserted. DAEMON Tools Lite also great for making images or using existing ones that were grabbed by other programs. It's very convenient.

DAEMON Tools is a handy little app, that is free, really easy to use, resource friendly and it works on Windows 7!
So I'm a happy netbook owner who have DVD drive now :)



Other Thoughts:

how comes theres no link...just passed over to more search engines. piss poor if you ask me.

"its not a spyware guys"

by: Fall3N_ight


Other Thoughts:

read this : false virus alarm by "Avira Antivir"
Dear DT Pro users,

We have received recently several users complaints that "Avira Antivir" ( is alerting users about a possible Trojan-Virus (TR/Drop.RBot.A) in the "DTPro4100218Advanced.exe" File (of course DT products NEVER contained and can NOT contain in reality any kind of viruses!)

After our investigation we found out that after 7 November 2007 update "Avira Antivir" began to issue such fales alerts.
DT Pro team contacted Avira team and informed them about these false alarms.

The last available update for Avira Antivir was installed on November 13, 2007. And We have checked again DT Pro files with "Avira Antivir" after installation of the latest updates and realized that this false alarm is now gone.

It appears "Avira Antivir" bug was fixed on November 14-th, 2007.
So we strongly recommend to our customers who are using "Avira Antivir" to update Avira Antivirus to the last available update to avoid this mistaken message.

Best regards
DAEMON Tools Pro Support Team


by: poo on u


Other Thoughts:

contains spyware

by: sadhu


Other Thoughts:

not performing

"Virus? More details, please"

by: Kittie Spit


Other Thoughts:

You say a virus? Could you please give more details - the AV program used & the virus name?


" Daemon Tools v4.09.1"

by: carolinabell1860


Other Thoughts:

warning, this download contains a virus

"Daemon Tools v4.09.1"

by: Rudi


Other Thoughts:

dangerous spyware

"good app"

by: Thosmas


Other Thoughts:

very good

"best tool of all"

by: webcreeper


Other Thoughts:

to protect your cd/dvdrom or not to hear the scarry voice of the spinning disc, this is the best. It will be perfect if it does support .mds .mdf(alcohol120% file)

"Daemon Tools"

by: Razor


Other Thoughts:

This is a great program. The best free virtual drive around. Alot of people use it as a alternative to alcohol 120% because its free. there is ad-aware in it but it can be unchecked as u install the program and it wont bother u ever again. I recommend this program for extra downloads for it visit


by: mARKO


Other Thoughts:

quote from Softpedia: ADWARE INCLUDED - you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!


by: jasdub


Other Thoughts:

heard the older ones didn't have it, but this version sure does. Guess they gotta pay the bills somehow.

by: George2005


Other Thoughts:

It's the best programm in this category!!!

"very handy indeed"

by: softspot


Other Thoughts:

this program is part of my "basic setup" in my laptop. It gives me the chance to act as if that laptop has up to 5 CD-drives, even though there is only one drive physically there. Very convenient for use on the road: my routeplanner covers 6 CD's (Europe on street-level), and with this handy utility I can drive by PC without having to drag around packs of CD's in my car!
It does what it promises: simple, straightforward and effective. What more can one ask for?

Results: 1-17 of 17 Total Found