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"Great player but needs patches"

by: Ninjatron

Winamp Full 5.666.3516



opens all my radio stations and use a sound recorder to get the songs


does not work on windows 8 installs/loads but no audio nothing.

Other Thoughts:

great for radio stations and laying files but if you want a serious player get Jet Audio it blows winamp away.


"Original & still the best"

by: Boaz

Winamp Full 5.666.3516



This is the original MP3 player, one of the first created. I have been using it for around 10+ years.

Other Thoughts:

AOL, who bought the rights to Winamp from "Nullsoft" several years ago, has decided to drop it on Dec. 20th 2013. Sad to see it's demise. Hopefully, like the previous reviewer said, they will release the source code.

"Still the best!!!"

by: Nick

Winamp Full 5.66



Still the best audio player out there and it's light. You can customize this as you like.


It's being shutdown by AOL on December 20. 2013

Other Thoughts:

A great player was bought and destroyed on purpose by AOL. Winamp should set free by having it open source. It's still an excellent player with lots of potential.

"dont upgrade"

by: mdruid

Winamp Full 5.621



may have a few. was too exasperated to look at them


Removes Shoutcast.

Other Thoughts:



by: Davo

Winamp Full 5.62



Excellent sound


Will not acknowledge MP3 player, also start DLLs go missing

Other Thoughts:

Nags and nags and nags me to upgrade, am unable to stop this.
5.541 was the last decent version that worked every time!


by: rda


Other Thoughts:


"AIMP vs Winamp"

by: Funny Bunny


Other Thoughts:

Winamp still is a an ok player. It simply depends on your needs and system specs. As for me, I switched to AIMP, because it is lightweight, has everything I need plus audio recorder and converter, and it can play any music file. Winamp can do lots of things too, but is too bloated for me and very sluggish. But if you have lots of RAM and don't care about a CPU eater, then stick with Winamp.

by: Stop Fighting Brats


Other Thoughts:

I might be an AIMP2 fan but WinAmp does have some features that AIMP2 only dreams about.

That being said, if you're looking for an all-in-one media player that does everything, get a life. Because they're all crude. AIMP2 or WinAmp for Audio, VLC or WMP for Video. If you use one thing with everything, you miss out a lot.

"and like i said before..."

by: Metalhorde


Other Thoughts:

Can aimp play videos...? NO... BLOATED ? Maybe people should disable the winamp otions it gives at the start up process mm...????

"just ok"

by: mad


Other Thoughts:

I used and liked Winamp back in the old days (I also tried the some of the new releases). But it was becoming more bloated as time progressed. Then I switched to Foobar, but it still wasnt the right thing. When I switched to AIMP, I never looked has got everything an user might want - without the bloat or overly complicated settings.

"It will work for you"

by: mj


Other Thoughts:

For all my music needs, this is by far the best there is. It also does a very good job of burning audio Cd's. I really
love the milk drop visualization.
Thank you guys..

"favourite jukebox"

by: itwriter


Other Thoughts:

Winamp rules. Customisable interface, plays every audio format, rips, burns, tags, talks to iPods, supports some awesome playback-enhancing plugins, doesn't freeze or crash, has designer skins to die for, and you don't have to pay for it. Really -- with the exception of (a) MediaMonkey, which looks like a six-year old's colouring-in project, (b) J. River Media Jukebox, which is stodgy and unexciting, (c) Foobar, which looks like manure-painted cardboard no matter how many incomprehensible plugins you cram into it, (d) Songbird, which may be promising but doesn't deliver much, and (e) Aimp, which plays in a different market anyway (no video playback, for instance), Winamp has no real competition. And c'mon now -- (f) Windows Media Player and (g) iTunes are worth considering only if you're happy never being able to play music encoded in more than a tiny handful of formats. Plus WMP looks a bit Disney and it doesn't behave in a user-friendly manner. And iTunes is the worst case of bloatware I have ever seen (90 MB setup files and all that). Also, don't go comparing Winamp to lightweight players that don't have a proper jukebox interface -- if it struggles even to offer a playlist, then you shouldn't be comparing its light memory usage to Winamp's -- they belong in distinctly different categories. As I said: Winamp rules, and that's that.

"yes its bloated"

by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

it just like using adobe acrobat reader when u hav foxit reader..



Other Thoughts:

XMMS (on Linux) is modelled after WinAmp, so they look and feel similar. Which is great, I've been looking for exactly that since I couldn't get XMMS for Windows.

By the way, in response to the previous guy: "The new versions won't even install on my winME" Windows ME??? LOL

by: Mark


Other Thoughts:

the new versions wont even install on my winME

"...for a measly 2mb Mp3??"

by: flipper


Other Thoughts:

I dont need a Humvee, when a mobike can do the job.

Winamp needs to go on dieting....way TOO bloated for playing a measly mp3.

I prefer AlSong,..simple and cute.


by: ralphsmole


Other Thoughts:

Be serious..AIMP2 reeks. Winamp will ALWAYS be a MUCH better player.


by: Bullcrap


Other Thoughts:

Like many others have said before me, "Winamp is bloated and useless." It has a lot of features that you don't even need and slows down Winamp by a lot. AIMP2 is better and can play pretty much any music file.

"better than windows media player"

by: shaggy


Other Thoughts:

it is very well put togather and organizes your music well for easy access, it sounds good, it has a great mode where it can lie on top of your screen that your not using, and its online functions rock ^^ 5/5


by: mexxo


Other Thoughts:

good sounds and quality music

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