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"Fair to middling"

by: Steve_B


Other Thoughts:

No newspaper any morning that I woke. Said he ran out, but I am a priority club member and was supposed to get the paper delivered to my room.



by: HelloWorld


Other Thoughts:

It does not work with all Real Media files for some reason.

For some .RM files, I have to use Real's own (bad) software.

"Just works"

by: In my opinion


Other Thoughts:

de facto replacement for 'RealPlayer' Bloatware.
Read about the RealPlayer developer and you'll see why it should be avoided!


by: Rayburn


Other Thoughts:

Windows Media Player 11, or even RealPlayer itself can't beat this. It uses very little CPU usage, between 15% and 25%. It works flawlessly on older PCs.


by: flac


Other Thoughts:

essential rated at

"thank you so much"

by: niceman


Other Thoughts:

This is way better than idiotic Real Player which loads at startup only to eat system memory and make his unwanted internet connections. Go to hell and burn forever, adios Real Player.

"realplayer sucks!"

by: aon


Other Thoughts:

use real alternative

"Real Alt Sucks"

by: sucks


Other Thoughts:

Use RealPlayer

"Forget Real-Get Real Alternative!"

by: M.G.


Other Thoughts:

I've wanted to get rid of Real Player for a long time, so this is great! Does what it says-plays over 95% of Real streams. No spyware. No adware. No cookies. Loads faster than Real, and has good audio/video quality. Nothing is missing here except all the bloatware that comes packaged with Real. Do yourself a favor-download Real Alternative today.


by: DDW


Other Thoughts:

really great, no adware and way faster than the official real player!
Especially great for older pc's.

Results: 1-10 of 10 Total Found