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by: CH1306

Calibre 3.14.0



I have about 1100 books in my librry. Calibre is still very fast. Excellent import feature. Constantly updated - many, many features. One of my favorite and most used applications.


Conversion from pdf to epub seems a bit off.

Other Thoughts:



by: ferniister

Calibre 2.42.0



Does everything I need quite well. It isn't fast but I'm not timing anything. I convert when necessary and when I get some books, but not a hundred at a time, and it works just fine.


PDFs I hear are bad but I don't use this program to read or do anything else with them.

Other Thoughts:


"No Longer Interested"

by: Captain

Calibre 2.27.0



Non-applicable Unless you hate older operating systems


The Final nail in the coffin was ditching support for Windows XP users like myself. Why? So you can concoct an even more bloated mess?

Other Thoughts:

You'll not see me using Calibre ever again. There are smaller alternatives for starters...


by: Tom

Calibre 2.17.0





The authors of this once fine tool, ruined this program. It is weighed down with plug-ins and excess code (I have looked at it). It is no longer viable to use because IT IS NOW VERY SLOW.

Other Thoughts:

I continue to use a previous version: Calibre 0.8.66 (August 2012) thru Calibre 0.9.38 (JULY 2013).
All other versions after 0.9.38 are useless. Be sure though, that once you install this older version, turn off the UPDATE feature.

"Sorry, but I've HAD IT with this!"

by: SnagGara22

Calibre 2.13.0



Was decent to Great until this new version came out. Then us long-time supporters got screwed.


A royal screwing for long-time supporters of Calibre! "Calibre versions newer than 2.0 do not run on Windows XP. This is because the graphics toolkit calibre uses (Qt5) crashes a lot on Windows XP. We suggest you stay with calibre 1.48 which works well on Windows XP. Excuse me, I Downloaded This New Version to run on XP as all previous ones did. I DELETED the old file (and overwrote it with THIS one). Now this thing won't even run on my computer?! No more donations from me! Disappointed is putting it mildly.

Other Thoughts:

This wonderful tool was great a couple years back, but it slowly began become bloated, sluggish, with lots of Useless plug-ins, and the features began to become unreliable to dangerously unstable.

Now they've ditched us XP users for the new crowd, and you've lost your last friend, old buddy!

"No problems"

by: CH1306

Calibre 1.42.0



I like this program and have not experienced many of the cons previously noted. If anyone knows of a similar program that is better, I would be very interested.


Cons previously noted: Too slow - I have not noted that problem. Current library exceeds 300 volumes. PDF Conversion - OK use something else for this task - plenty of options available Updates - kudos to the developers for continuing to improve the product. You do not have to load each update.

Other Thoughts:


"find a real better, I'll look."

by: robert mcmains

Calibre 1.30.0



runs just fine on my 2005 p3m laptop, though huge numbers of files will slow it down. the ebook editor works better than any other I've found, and getting better. plugins are really handly and numerous., great for my Kindle keyboard.


a bit big, and updates are too- but you don't have to update at every release...

Other Thoughts:

'updates' that aren't full releases are rare these days, aside from virus databases. upgrading Outpost security suite from 8.1.2 to 9.1- 154 megs. lots of other examples abound. Java is almost 30 megs. dvdvideosoft free studio- 89 megs. a lot of standalone games run 30-150 megs. video driver packs- 150 megs.

I can't find a hint of *anything* called callybearr, and I bet it doesn't have nearly the features if so.

I don't vsee anyone else developing anything like Calibre.

"Pure Trash"

by: Mabuse

Calibre 1.25.0



It didn't plant a virus in my computer. It simply crashed it. It didn't steal my passwords or otherwise corrupt my system beyond repair.


Everything. Slower than slow. Oversized. Clunky. Reminds me of Filezilla from a decade ago: a download manager larger and more sluggish than anything every conceived, as though bigger is better. Format conversions here are extremely hit-or-miss and unreliable. That's putting it kindly. I don't even want to mention what it does to some formats!

Other Thoughts:

I came across a hacked pirate version called CallyBear which I'd Pay for if I had to. Does everything 10-1000x faster and more efficiently. Reliable conversions or simply says it can't convert straight out. Handled DJVU files flawlessly. Is Half the size of this POS. It even features a 3-D virtual reality Walk-Thru "library" interface of your e-books! Not perfect but it impressed me.
Unfortunately I don't know where I got this program from. It was floating around via bit torrent. And obviously no updates are available.

"works for me"

by: Isys

Calibre 1.13.0



easy conversion and interaction with my Nook. Reasonably intuitive. Free.


Too many updates.

Other Thoughts:

If anyone can suggest a good alternative I'd like to hear about it and if the critics can do better for free then go for it.

"what's better?"

by: Bob M [BustedJoat]

Calibre 1.6.0



most usable freeware for general use on dedicated or portable e-reader formats. Can anyone suggest a better alternative utility for the general E-reading public?


50 meg updates are a bit large but it's easy to skip some point releases unless you see something you like in the changelog at - you don't have to update *every* time, really.

Other Thoughts:

where have you found ABC Amber converters? I thought they had gone under...)

Email me at in the next month to discuss opinions and solutions for your issues with Calibre, please.

[mods, suggest another solution if that's a no-no please! if anybody tries to spam that temp address, my filters can take it and laugh.]

I make no promises of solutions, but let's get clear of this comment area. we're confusing users badly.


by: Pat Cain

Calibre 1.6.0



I did not have to pay one cent for this whopper. It can display a few different file formats. Whoop-de-doo. No watermarked output. Again: whoop-de-doo.


Too bad it hates Djvu files so much it crashed my computer. No conversion is offered for them. It spits out crippled pdf's so badly that the developer should seriously consider Obliterating pdf output. Seriously. Copying whole books over is also wasteful. Overall slow all around but pretty to look at if you don't look too closely. I don't want pretty; I want working and efficient. Maybe if you're running a super computer you'd enjoy this but the average computer user with an average computer might seek out alternatives. Even the ABC Amber stand-alone utils out there leave this thing sucking dust for sheer brute force output and reliability.

Other Thoughts:

For massive full-download updates that come out every week or two I'd expect something better. Why not just put solid effort into fixing the ten million bugs by scaling back the twelve million useless options no sane man bothers with and release a new version once a Year instead and make it worth Our time?

"The second option might be closer- 'knows nothing of ebooks' ??"

by: Bob McMains [BustedJ

Calibre 1.5.0



"Already been stated. It's free." Agreed. "It handles multiple formats." [yup. And for anything but PDF's, PDB's, and RTF's it does right well if the settings are right. PDF output can probably be tweaked to lessen your pain. LRF to MOBI or Epub, Lit to HtmlZ, fetching metadata and covers- not bad at all. that's my experience as a user.] If there's a better utility to fit various book formats on a Kindle E-ink or Nook, I haven't found or heard of it.


"Calibre will take a non-PDF file and will convert it to a PDF file far bigger and Longer" I dunno, I read books. What the heck are you reading these on? "PDF books formatted to 6 TEXT WORDS PER LINE" That's in the settinmgs, which are many. my e-books are kept ... in Plain text" [yuk] "or PDF" [why? honest curiousity] "What's broken in one may be fixed in another" [you betcha, that's what updates are *for*] "should it mangle your files" [it doesn't touch the originals- no backups?] "if you want PDF output!" [No way!] "The last few versions alone sliced and diced images" [Learn to tweak settings!] For me, that's what happens to RTF input, I'm just too lazy to do the tweaks- Busy putting books on the wife's and my Kindle 3/Keyboards and reading like crazy...

Other Thoughts:

Cap'n, what say we work out a direct email link via a couple 'o burn accounts or a neutral forum and chew this over in private so the FWF admins can get a rest. Lemme know, please.
I read eBooks, not documents- and have *avoided* PDF's as best I can. And certainly Adobe reader.

*I'm* 54, got my computer training in 1976-77, and have been using Calibre since 0.6.45 in May of 2010. I neither read nor speak french- so there's a basic difference in goals and usage here. I will grant you I never tried commenting back then. But honest- English, even back then.

"a super-fast computer with a whopping huge hard drive," ?? Gateway solo 2550, 600 mhz Pentium, 48gb total HDD and 768megs of RAM back then.. Dell D610 2 ghz P4-m & 80 gig HD from circa 2005 right now. On a LAN, so I don't keep the Original OR converted books there. Off to Kindles & DVD-R's..

"Oh, and lastly, I don't work for the Calibre developers" Not me, I assure you. One dev- Kovid Goyal. (others may do plugins)

Never even sent the gent a message, much less any relationship with Calibre save as an avid user.

"Nuts, am I?"

by: Captain

Calibre 1.5.0



Already been stated. It's free. It handles multiple formats. If you've got a super-fast computer with a whopping huge hard drive, more power to ya! It's ideal if you want pure text output files.


Calibre will take a non-PDF file and will convert it to a PDF file far bigger and Longer than any other conversion application dare do. If you ever come across PDF books formatted to 6 TEXT WORDS PER LINE, chances are it was bit by Calibre! All my e-books are kept in one of two formats: Plain text (for the compression efficiency) or PDF (for those with strict formatting, diagrams, graphics, pictures, what have you). I know what I'm talking about. But again, versions Change. What's broken in one may be fixed in another--only to return later on with a vengeance! But don't take my word for it. Download it and try it for yourself. Just be warned should it mangle your files if you want PDF output! The last few versions alone sliced and diced images and even Split Pages Through Them!

Other Thoughts:

I'm nearly 50 years old, I've been in the computer business since the 1980s. I've been using PDF files since Acrobat came up with the format.

The last I checked (granted, over a year ago) the website was in French and in any case you had to Register to just post a complaint or provide feedback there.

Oh, and lastly, I don't work for the Calibre developers, and I can't make the same claim for Others around here...

"Captain is nuts or knows nothing of ebooks"

by: BustedJoat

Calibre 1.3.0



Does a pretty good job converting LRF, Mobi, Lit, DOCX and other EBOOK formats between each other, even AZW3. Conversion to/from PDF has worked well for me. Has plugin system for extending functions. Author's site is in English, and the forum used is on not french. Updates may be large, but have real improvements as detailed on his site- no purely cosmetic changes. supports direct feed of books to a variety of readers, and shows which are loaded..


It's not perfect, and the range of options is tricky if you want to fine-tune out- and input, but defaults work well for most reasonably formatted input eBooks.

Other Thoughts:

It keeps getting better!

previous commenter does not seem to understand the purpose of this program or has some other fixation on PDF files, which AFAIK is not a native or favored format for any portable e-reader.

I use a Kindle 3, and it works miracles.

Of course PDF24 [a printer-emulator-to-PDF app] will make smaller files- the content is then pure image files, no longer containing text, thus no longer an editable eBook.

by: Captain

Calibre 0.9.29



Free. Does a good job converting To plain ASCII text. OK for Reading different formats, but as for converting, read on... Aside from that, read below...


Read my previous review. If you want to convert To a PDF file, the text is formatted like this line for line which probably explains why the PDF file is over- long with large point sized font rather than taking up a decent number of words per line like this... And don't get me started on what it does to non-text graphics like photos and charts! If you want to do it some justice, get PDF-24 from here, open up your files in Calibre and Print-to PDF-24. The end result is often a PDF file Shorter than the original file And a hell of a lot shorter than the default PDF created with Calibre! I'm talking saving a saving of 50%+ of its size!

Other Thoughts:

I think the only New addition to the last version was a flashing arrow pointing to a job list when converting files.

Is this the best they can do? It's like half a dozen of these other freeware utilities which are released once a week. What do they do? Far as I know they might change a font or color somewhere just to call it "updated."
I don't know anymore. Just beware!

Results: 1-15 of 23 Total Found

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