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"Very Slow"

by: Henry


Other Thoughts:

It take a minute to load the program.


"The Best Office Suite EVER !!!"

by: Memek Gatel


Other Thoughts:

The Best Office Suite EVER !!!

Complete Packages and Free
I can run My "Jablaiy" Bussiness more Efficient



by: Kai Mappi


Other Thoughts:

open office are equal to MS office , but only for its GUI. it has more features than MS office 2003/xp. people in business don't waste your money in buying ms office you guys can use open office ( extremely free). or even oxygen office which has good GUI.


by: darkangel


Other Thoughts:

great program and it's free. i love it.


by: dapogi


Other Thoughts:

why buy ms office 400 us when there is oo which is better and absoluetly free???? think!!!!

"Always the Best"

by: Nize


Other Thoughts:

LOL, lets see... MS Office costs about $400 dollars, OpenOffice is... free. Sorry alpha1 if this is not your favorite office "sweet" but for the rest of us who appreciate the free software, OpenOffice is hands down the best business freeware available. The portable version of this application is yet another way that OpenOffice totally dominates MS Office.

"OO could have been better"

by: alpha1


Other Thoughts:

I hoped OpenOffice would replace MS Office. But after they made it slow mess by making it dependant on Java, I gave up. Hopefully someday someone will create a good fast crossplatform office sweet that equals or surpasses MS office. OpenOffice is not it.


by: Jason


Other Thoughts:

hands down one of the greatest things to come from i'm a big believer in OO (i will use it any day over MS Office) and this just puts an exclaimation in my belief... coudos to OO

Results: 1-8 of 8 Total Found