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"Not as intuitive as other double-entry accounting software"

by: compmend

Manager Desktop Edition 19.9.47



This software has a pleasant looking GUI and there are most of the standard features one might need to run the financial side of a small business.


I was initially frustrated by not being able to find out how to add accounts to the program. Once I found the "Chart of accounts" under settings, it was clear as mud as to how to add accounts, but, I figured it out. Then I went to the Ledger and began adding in some transactions. It was very difficult to see how to add opening balances to any of the accounts without there being an imbalance. I tried creating an Equity:Opening Balances account added the funds there and kept getting "IMBALANCE" in big red letters. In GnuCash it is as easy as creating an opening balance entry under Equity and then linking it to the account. I am probably doing something wrong, but, I use GnuCash everyday, all day long and I don't have the headache I am getting after trying to do simple tasks in this software. Another issue is that you can't add accounts "on the fly" like you can in GnuCash. If you create expense accounts for each vendor like I do, you have to go back into the Chart of accounts and add the account manually before you can use it. In GnuCash this is as easy as typing Expenses:VenderName then hitting tab. A prompt will ask to create the account and you have the new account available.

Other Thoughts:

The measure of how good a piece of software is, in my opinion is how transparent it becomes while you are doing what it was intended to do. I want to have a smooth workflow especially when doing bookkeeping tasks that are already a pain. If I have to dig through menus and do a lot of exploring and nail-biting just to do a simple thing, then I think that I will abandon that program for the one that makes things easier, in my case that is GnuCash.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found