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"Love It"

by: Loopygram

8start Launcher 3.0



Very easy to configure. English is a bit off but can still understand it. I use a lot of programs and having them all organized into groups is so nice and leaves my desktop clean and tidy. I minimize it so you don't even see it unless you want to.


The only problem I have found is that some of the icons I put on it are not showing up. I've tried closing it and restarting but sill the same. Must be some reason for it but as of now I haven't figured it out.

Other Thoughts:

I'm 68 years old and found this really easy to set up so for all you young people it shouldn't be a problem at all.

"Good product"

by: ckn


Other Thoughts:

I really like this software. I always have had a ton of icons on my desktop and now they are neatly organized in 8start. There are a couple of things they could make a little more intuitive, but all in all, it's a good product and I would definitely recommend it.

"It's great"

by: watercat3


Other Thoughts:

I started using 8Start and never looked back. No other launcher met my needs. The only sad part is that it doesn't work in Windows 98 (my other computer) *sigh*.

by: Rayguard Knight


Other Thoughts:

The Windows desktop and Start Menu had me really frustrated until I downloaded this! And the program looks really nice too! I agree that some sort of drag-and-drop support would be welcome, though.


by: Robert


Other Thoughts:

Great Looking, easy to use

"Hard to get started"

by: Koba


Other Thoughts:

8start launcher looks nice, but the usability is really poor. You should be able to get started with these kind of apps without reading any manual. 8start launcher has chosen a proprietary configuration approach which was the final turn-off for me.

It doesn't support drag-n-drop, the configuration dialoq is a big mess, it is very unintuitive.

Sorry, but RocketDock beats this 6-0.

"8start launcher"

by: nobraincells


Other Thoughts:



by: sirius23


Other Thoughts:

This one is the best yet. To the other raters, promote your software somewhere elso.

"HotkeyP Instead"

by: GuesttWatt


Other Thoughts:

Use HotkeyP instead, available here: (not as powerful as PowerPro, but a very light app and able, for example, to close windows with 'Alt+Right' click. ;)

"Not bad, but ..."

by: Torrente


Other Thoughts:

When someone asks me what is the best launcher, taskbar replacment, hotkey manager and almost every utility replacement, my answer is simple ... PowerPro 4.8
You can't beat this app. 100 apps in one and the memory footprint is smaller then 8start Launcher and similiar apps.
There is just one con, it has so many options(everything is configurable) so most users are confused (Help file is like a book) and sample bar is ugly but it's just a SAMPLE. A few years ago my friend still used Win95/NT 4 and when I show him how to make a taskbar with PowerPro...

"Love it!"

by: watercat3


Other Thoughts:

I was using Hidden Menu on my desktop (Win 98), but needed something for my laptop (Win XP). 8Start Launcher works just the way I like it, launch whatever and get out of the way. Now, they've added a note-taking feature? Wow!

by: cubs100years


Other Thoughts:

Very nice. I now can find all my favorites in one place!

"8start Launcher"

by: BobC


Other Thoughts:

Have used 8start Launcher for quite some time and find it an excellent program that ensures my desktop is uncluttered and I can find any of the many programs I use with just two clicks.


by: AttemptingReason


Other Thoughts:

Very nice program. I am able to change every aspect of button size, configuration and orginization. All you have to do is drag and drop the shortcuts you already have. I use it on my desktop and my thumbdrive


by: elvisica


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