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"Best for power users"

by: clancolin

Micro-sys Launcher 1.9.1



Vertical alignment = lots of icons on view, great if you have lots of programs.(Allows fast access to all your programs and can launch websites too.) Vertical alignment = no plethora of tabs and/or sideways scrolling and scrolling... Folders are easy to add and so management of categories is very simple. Drag, drop and re-arrange icons as you please.


Could use a backup option for settings. If you lose your well-constructed set-up it is very annoying to have to start from scratch again.

Other Thoughts:

The support for this launcher is very good. It isn't instantaneous, but they do get back to you if you email them.

Some programs are very similar (e.g. one might be best at removing red-eye from images, another is better for removing people in the background) both go under my "image stuff" folder and I can launch either in 2 clicks.



by: John


Other Thoughts:

GOod launcher, but PStart & ASuite both are lightyears better than this one.

PStart portable, now that is a bad little launcher! All settings are saved in .XML, including any notes you may take.

These are stored in the same directory as the program itself, so you won't lose them when you launch it portably.

In addition, it supports relative paths so changing drive letters won't kill your program functionality.

Give PStart a try, & you will see what I mean!


"Great launcher"

by: Riccardo


Other Thoughts:

I love this utility, but on my system (Vista) the first time I launch the program with the shortcut key, I get a small iconized persistent window on the low left edge of the monitor, so I stick with the previous version (1.5.8).
In order to activate the launch menu with the mouse at the current position of the mouse, I use AutoHotkey to capture the mouse wheeldown action and emit the shortcut key (Ctrl ` on my system) with this AutoHotkey script:

; Tutto cio' che segue solo
; se clik sul desktop
#IfWinActive, ahk_class Progman

Results: 1-3 of 3 Total Found