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by: Don


Other Thoughts:

Hard to add/remove programs from though.

Needs a good way to remove or add programs & tabs.



by: Mini Launch Reviewer


Other Thoughts:

Though you can do this with xp by dragging a folder to the corner of the desktop,

this proggie is resizable, looks better, & doesnt have to be in a corner.

You may also close & re-open it easier than XP function, plus you can't run an XP toolbar from CD like you can with this jewel.

Really handy for launching all my cd driven repair tools like adaware, spybot, ccleaner etc.


"Good but..."

by: Guy


Other Thoughts:

Tried it out for a moment. Seems like a nice little program. I have to point out that Windows 2000 and XP have this functionality built in though.

If you drag a folder to edge of the desktop then drop it the folder will become a docked toolbar. You can then drag the toolbar (using the little grip on the top or left of the toolbar) onto an empty area of the desktop and drop it the toolbar will become a floating window. You can right click on an empty area of the toolbar to change the icon size and text labels.

Results: 1-3 of 3 Total Found