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"its very good"

by: hoppy

WinBuilder 074



Tons of options, portable, good support, good community.


Nothing worth mentioning..

Other Thoughts:

Ave been playing with this for the last 18 hours, i need to have a shower and change my underpants and find a new wife, small price to pay as i produced a live version of xp that's 280mb in size and goes like a rocket booting it from a usb pen drive.

It coped well with a heavily modded nlite version of xp that i used as a source for the livexp script.
If you have a go its probably best to use your original iso as recommended, a just wanted to see how it would cope with my version.

Its a lotta fun but it will also save me a lot of misery as you can customize it to death and produce a powerful diagnostic tool.

Thanks to the team developing it as its looking good and worth a donation which is the highest praise you will ever get from a Scotsman, lol.
A must be more tired than a thought..


"Nice tool"

by: Sam Cali


Other Thoughts:

tested some projects and this is cool stuff.


by: Mike Olson


Other Thoughts:

I'm amazed - this is something I've been looking for a long time to save my files when windows doesn't boot for some crazy reason.

5 stars!

Results: 1-3 of 3 Total Found