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"No nonsense program"

by: User

Revo Uninstaller 1.95



No nonsense program. Tells you what is going to happen and so there are nosuprises. Reason I gacve it five stars is withWindfows seven, seems items in software does something to makle it so quite a bit yoiu cannot uninstall because some file is missing-happebned with a lot of programs. Same thing happens with this program. The magic comes when it looks for leftover registry entry to delete-and this is where it takes care of most registry problemsbn you cannot deal with in Windows Seven

Other Thoughts:

Haas been really good and dont have to wait 25 minutes to perform one action unlike other software packages.

"not so hot anymore"

by: Stuart

Revo Uninstaller 1.94



Its good on 32bit systems, light, easy to use, has handy little tools..


Useless on 64bit machines..

Other Thoughts:

I have used this program for many years as it was a handy for accessing many tools in one place..
If the program wasn't listed then usually hunter mode would get it but on 64bit systems it requires the pro version,, this kinda makes Revo useless to me now if it can't remove 64bit programs.
As handy as Revo was a can't justify paying for it as it doesn't have enough features and Windows 7 program manager is much improved now.
Most of its tools are Windows tools and since there are dozens of free programs that do a similar job then a can't see much of a future for Revo as it hasn't changed much over the years..
It is a classic little program and has served me well over the years so am sad at not using it anymore..


by: FileGod

Revo Uninstaller 1.94



Wow ! this is fast! Revo Uninstaller uninstalled a program that would not uninstall normally!


None, I wish I got this before!

Other Thoughts:


"Works ok w/win7 x64"

by: reverbfreak

Revo Uninstaller 1.93



I've been installing and using Revo Uninstaller on Windows7 Home Premium x64 with no problem for about a year. Perhaps the previous reviewer is using Windows 7 Pro? I also recall using the Portable version on Pro with no issues...


No cons, this is my "go to" uninstaller, as it creates a restore point prior to running and really cleans up programs you no longer want on your PC.

Other Thoughts:


"not for 64bit Windows :-("

by: antonYO

Revo Uninstaller 1.92



TERRIFIC for 32bit.


Only the Pro-version uninstalls 64bit programs (aka: W7), so...why bother?

Other Thoughts:

Revo should include 64bit-compatability into Revo Free ASAP!!

"Best uninstaller I've used."

by: John R. Sellers

Revo Uninstaller 1.91



Very effective at removing an app's leftover junk.


None with the application itself. However, the app's shortcut will not pin to my Windows 7 start menu.

Other Thoughts:


"Try ZSoft"

by: Neo

Revo Uninstaller 1.91


Other Thoughts:

MyWinLocker is notoriously hard to remove. Try ZSoft Uninstaller available at this site.


by: glenn52

Revo Uninstaller 1.91



When set to uninstall MyWinLocker it advised the application had been uninstalled & cleaned up, yet the application existed and performed normally.

Other Thoughts:


"Must have"

by: Trefaynie

Revo Uninstaller 1.90



A free way for uninstalling programs in the best and safest method. It really does what it says!

Other Thoughts:

Be careful of clearing the remaining registry and disk data of a program. Watch and clear them always warily.

"Wow, what a brill Un-installer"

by: Ugleeold man


Other Thoughts:

I have commercial Un-installer, but found this and thougt looks good.. In my view it is best un-installer ever. BUT you have to be carefull, as it shows what junk is left in the registry, WHICH means take care But it does back up anybits you delete.

"the best"



Other Thoughts:

This is one of the best uninstallers I have ever used....Microsoft is useless compared to this.


by: TigerMan


Other Thoughts:

...uninstaller I've ever used. More complete than others and has never "damaged" my system.

"Great Program"

by: JEB


Other Thoughts:

I've been using this program for some time now & can only say that it's way beyond the Windows uninstaller as well as all others I have tried over the years. One of the best free programs available. I highly recommend it to all.


by: Hunter


Other Thoughts:

This program has helped me more times than I can mention here. Some programs don't give you the uninstall option in windows, and some programs don't uninstall everything when you use a regular uninstall command in windows. This program is simply the best for what it was designed to do. I will be purchasing the pro. version sometime int he near future. I highly recommend this because for a freeware program it is the best available for what it does.

"The Best!"

by: Mr. Correct


Other Thoughts:

To the user who said : "This is difficult to use" - you are 110% WRONG! This is by far the easiest and best uninstaller program out there. Not to mention it's free! It's better than the commercial programs I have used. The Hunter mode is just plain freaking awesome! Be careful if using Hunter Mode because it can remove some things you might not want it to remove. For example I was removing Windows Live Movie Maker, it removed it, but it also removed everything Windows live from messenger to Live writer etc.... But I was using "HUNTER" mode. Just be aware that when using hunter mode you run the risk of it removing anything and everything tied to the same manufacturer or the program or programs your trying to remove. Other than that I give it 5 STARS! It's the best. If you don't know what your removing, chances are you don't need to remove it to begin with. This is an easy program to use though. EXCELLENT!

Results: 1-15 of 94 Total Found

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