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by: Space Cowboy

DriveImage XML 2.44



Will this backup and restore a complete SSD from a larger mechanical Hard Drive? The program size is nice and small.


None yet.

Other Thoughts:

Windows backup has worked flawlessly up until installed a new SSD.


"Must Have"

by: ThisBoy


Other Thoughts:

The inevitable just happened, a computer crash. I had just done a backup with this software and restored my drive. Up and running in 90 minutes.
5 stars for the author(s) of this software and a big thank you. Your awesome!


by: Håkan


Other Thoughts:

If one is tired of install everything again after a crash and spend hours with that. This program restore the whole drive or HD within minutes.

"i like it"

by: DXML-nice


Other Thoughts:

OK i like Driveimage XML.
I read ppl posting about xxclone. Can xxclone make an image of an SD-card ? (and of course restore it)

"Great program"

by: PPC


Other Thoughts:

XXClone is a different beast (and uses a different backup method), there's no need to compare apples & oranges :)
Both programs are working great.

"VEry good program"

by: emil


Other Thoughts:

it is realy very nice program

"Very nice program"

by: lex


Other Thoughts:

I've been using this program regularly. Works really well and I had no problems so far.

Thumbs up for the devs!

"I agree with Jimbo"

by: justme


Other Thoughts:

I agree with jimbo, xxclone is MUCH better ! You can clone from a larger drive to a smaller drive too! To "saintsfan" xxclone IS FREE! I've been using it for over a year now! If you don't know what you're talking about don't post comments on this site!!

"Cubs Guy is right."

by: FastForward


Other Thoughts:

Works! --and free. The target drive or partition MUST be as large or larger than the source partition--regardless of the size of the actual files being backed up. Also the target cannot be the Windows partition in use.
Using an XP install disc created with nLite (also a cool tool) which integrated SP3, and only the apps and features I use--no IE, WMP, XP tour, Games, etc. etc. The XP installation was reduced to 384 MB.
I dug out an old 10GB drive to use as the source. The nLite image was installed there--then all my "Must-Have" applications (34) were installed cleanly. After tweaks and personal preferences were set, and everything was running perfectly, this drive was imaged using Drive Image XML 1.21. This completed in less time than expected.
The first image created was just over 4.8GB a little big to fit a single layer DVD. The neat thing about Drive Image XML is the compression feature, which reduced these files to less than 2.5GB.
I have restored this image to three drives and each boots and works flawlessly. Thanks to the Runtime Software Team for this.
Cardinals forever.

by: cubs100years


Other Thoughts:

Does what it says! Pretty simple to use.

by: saintsfan


Other Thoughts:

Works really well. I backed up and restored a 80 gig drive with no problems. XXclone is not free!

"XXClone much better!"

by: jimbo


Other Thoughts:

XXClone is a much easier and better product!

"Great image utilities"

by: lit1998


Other Thoughts:

Successfully backup an image to file and restore it to new HDD. Image kept old HDD size, even though new HDD is larger. Work-around is to partition the new HDD.

"Brilliant program"

by: Adam


Other Thoughts:

Used with BartPE or on a separate partition it can back up and restore in minutes. Simple, efficient - highly recommended.

"The best and free"

by: Mike


Other Thoughts:

A wonderful free program for XP. After having multiple issues with Norton Ghost 8.0 which finally refused to run at all I searched for and tried out a couple of free imaging programs. This is the best and has saved my OS on two seperate system crashes. Since this program runs in Windows the thing you have to do in order to restore an operating system drive is make a bootable CD with Bart PE Buider and the DriveImage XML plugin from Armed with this CD and a backup image of your C drive, that was imaged while running DriveImage XML in Windows, you can now restore the OS drive as long as your computer will boot up from your CD drive.

"Slow, needs work"

by: GT-Force


Other Thoughts:

I WAS very happy when I found this freeware. Copying a 60 GB HDD into a 100 GB HDD took 11 hours, and 7 hours in used sectors, and raw modes respectively. After both, looked like all my files were transferred, but I could not login to my WinXP installation! So, finally decided to try the trial version of Paragon Drive Backup Personal 8, and in less than 1.5 hours, I was using my new HDD! NOW, I am so mad for wasting my precious time with this software.

"Easy to use"

by: Mads


Other Thoughts:

Driveimage XML backup up the boot drive while its running - excellent. Plug-in for Bart PE is supplied on DI web site. With DI and Bart PE it is easy to boot and restore from CD/DVD. Great for disaster recovery after virus attack/OS break down. Note: Only for XP - and you have to have a XP installation disk for making a boot CD in Bart PE.

by: SV


Other Thoughts:

Great! Restores partitions perfectly. The only thing is that you need to have two bootable partitions. It can't restore the one from which you are working.

"doesn't work"

by: gamatl


Other Thoughts:

I spent 3 days trying various options to get it to work. It produces a backup file but it cannot restore from it. using windows XP.


by: Adam


Other Thoughts:

Very good and very simple to use. Backup quickly (or more slowly if compressed) from a running drive - completely clones the disk or just selected folders. Restore is just as simple from the same interface, or use with Bart-PE to restore from non-booting system drives. Highly recommended.

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