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"Not free"

by: Jack Alexander

Ammyy Admin 3.2



Does connect with the program installed on all machines in your project/network.


Not free. Turns itself off after a couple of minutes and advises to doownload a professional file

Other Thoughts:

put some free offers on it and let us use it for free....



by: Magic


Other Thoughts:

This remote app is great I only used it once and it started right off the bat...


by: Scud


Other Thoughts:

I can't believe that such a small program is so easy to use &works so well. I needed to log on to a friend's PC in another country, to sort out a problem. We both ran the program, clicked "start". He gave me his "code" & within seconds, there was his Desktop on my screen. Amazing!! Much better than other programs I have used.


by: Matrixation


Other Thoughts:

This works, this works, this works! Wow, so small and it really does work like everyone says. I was up and running in 30 seconds. Both computers run the tiny file. Click "Start" on one computer and copy its ID, then hit the "Operator" tab on the other computer and enter that ID, then click "Connect". The Host accepts the request and BAM! You're IN! This is truly the easiest solution so far to "Get The Job Done". Trust me, this is as easy as I am saying!


by: Jon


Other Thoughts:

Holy smack! This is going to solve so many of my problems! super-clean straightforward tools interface, super-tiny download, ridiculously easy to connect! And fast. To test it, I just called a friend out of the blue and did a remote desktop and background file transfer in less than 60 seconds, and neither one of us had ever even heard of the program half an hour ago. I love it.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found