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"v- 3.97-9"

by: mweizer


Other Thoughts:

What a nice little package

It's web page is in German.
The updates are a turn off the 16-bit acceptance and a "fix" to the windows 7 requiring that the security center AND update services must be running to update.

The first thing it asks is do you want to take a snapshot of your present settings.

Next, upon opening, if setting is already activated it is checkmarked --- this is Neutral mode (see it under Profile button).

Its choice of what setting changables it includes is vey good, nicely laid out, as is its description-per-setting

Beyond the "spy" thing, the settings make for good functional sense



by: Baloney


Other Thoughts:

This new version 3.97-5 now asks, on install, to backup current system settings concerned by XP AntiSpy. If this is a first install, answer Yes. Even though all settings are reversible on a per-setting basis.
Excellent, essential, simple, all settings are explained. A classic of security tools.

"The one and only"

by: Baloney


Other Thoughts:

A reference, but handle with care. All settings are reversible. A topnotch security and privacy assistant.

"Be careful!"

by: GRD


Other Thoughts:

This piece of crap somehow managed to invade my context menu so that whenever I double clicked on a program to "open" my anti-virus program kicked-in instead.
And right-clicking on a file revealed my anti-virus program "exe" had replaced "Open" at the top of the list. Reversing the changes made via the program itself, or installing a previous registry saved with "ERUNT", would not eliminate the problem... and the only way I was able to get my system back to normal was by activating System Restore on a day previous to installing the software.


by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

do what it says... it works.

"Useful program"

by: Isys


Other Thoughts:

Some useful privacy options, particularly with regard to Microsoft applications. Download from author site as there have been some rogue versions in the past. I've used this for years with no problems.

"Handy, downlodable as zip file"

by: alpha1


Other Thoughts:

Handy program. In response to the previous reviewer.On the website of the author a version without installer can be downloaded.

"OK, but..."

by: x


Other Thoughts:

This is OK, but it seems pretty stupid to me to install an application just to change a few settings. Why does it even have an installer? Stupid.

Also stupid is the fact that what it refers to as "Remote Desktop" is actually correctly called "Remote Assistance".

"Handy, not spyware"

by: Alpha1


Other Thoughts:

The earlier reviewer is basicly wrong about this being spyware. The author warns on his website about hacked versions that installas a dialer. So download the program directly from his website

Results: 1-9 of 9 Total Found