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"Yernin' Learnin' again..."

by: el Pablo

Unofficial Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a



I've done countless fresh installs of WIN 98 and I always use this utility along with (98/ME SMOKER) and (WIN 98 REVOLUTIONS)...sometimes(5%)it is not a smooth operation, but take the chance, you'll learn more about 98(FAT 32) and will choose not to discard that operating system...


Will learn (if you got the time) only when you try it...probably have to make some adjustments after installing this utility...I find the WIN 98 defrag utility to be extremely effective, along with it's (FAT 32) file system...I use FAT 32 on 2000 PRO and XP...

Other Thoughts:

Think outside the might be surprised at what you can unwittingly accomplish before they cram more and more crap down your (you know what)...Good luck!!!


"98 upgrade"

by: chasac


Other Thoughts:

win98 upgrade failed to load...
sucessfull dounload.

"Fresh install still works fine"

by: Twilight Zone


Other Thoughts:

No problems here. I've done a fresh install of 98 on an old Gateway and then I installed SP 2.1a and all is well.
4 stars because I'm not sure what is so different with or without it.


by: Yumaj


Other Thoughts:

I just wanted to update some USB drivers. I've never had a problem in 10 years with my computer, now it's completely screwed up and won't even load.


by: Ken


Other Thoughts:

After installing this service pack I could not restart Windows and had to take my computer to a repair shop.

"98se sp2.1a required reinstall"

by: UnhappyCamper


Other Thoughts:

After installing win98 sp 2.1a my pc went into a constant loop saying a file was messed up (re registry). It then backed up and brought forward a fixed registry.

I finally was required to re-format and re-install win98se.



Other Thoughts:

Excellent, I really need this.


by: WinboX(L)


Other Thoughts:

It is for my second os.
I have 2-XP(home & Professional)
And one Win98 SE
And i liked se2.1

"Really Good"

by: Frank


Other Thoughts:

Microsoft has stopped supporting Win 9x

I can't get updates from Windowsupdate.

This helps me a lot.

"Windows 98 i say Windows 98!"

by: Frank


Other Thoughts:

Are people really still using Windows 98,i thought it died out with the dinosaurs.

by: heks007


Other Thoughts:

thx!!!!!verry good.


by: yup


Other Thoughts:

lets see


by: The Vermin8tor


Other Thoughts:

Authors review says it can be used for Win98 as well as 98SE,yet the title says 'Unofficial SP for WIN98SE'.Does it indeed work on Win98 PCs,as MS stop all updates online for Win98 in 2005/6?

"Excellent work!"

by: Amaar


Other Thoughts:

I just downloaded this file and I am surprised to see that my windows 98 feels like I am using Win2000 which my friend is having.


by: lambus


Other Thoughts:

excellent, this service pack successfully corrected my bluescreens and rescued my computer.


"pretty good"

by: m


Other Thoughts:

one issue is the lack of a selection list with all updates. so a roll your own sp is more powerful, but this saves tons of downloading. there is an issue with the screensaver popping up windows but i think 2.1a fixed that.

by: addy


Other Thoughts:

i'll give you my comment when i used it already.

it's excellent just by making this particular service pack for an already discarded OS.

thanks a lot!!!

"Unofficoal Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a"

by: jenks


Other Thoughts:



by: cao


Other Thoughts:

good for users that have a limited good computer


by: Schmow


Other Thoughts:

Once again,this proves that any person with half a brain will continue to utilize the best OS around. Windows 98 is so far ahead of Linux,it scares me. Anybody who uses Linux probably still lives with mommy and blows goats for money. Get a clue and female companionship. WINDOWS ROCKS! God Bless Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

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