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"Man, what a *pest* this thing is!!"

by: Gorlash


Other Thoughts:

There are several other Vista tweakers that let you modify your settings without all the addons, questions, warnings, and disabled functions of this thing. Don't waste your time on it, look for "Ultimate Windows Tweaker", or WinBubble, or one of the other perfectly good *really* freeware options out there.


"DO NOT USE!!!!"

by: Tweak Master


Other Thoughts:

Use "Mz Vista Force" it's free and it BETTER!!!! They have the freeware version for their internet tweaks locked untill you subscribe. Plus this program slowed down my Vista Home Basic. I also upgraded to Home Premium and it slowed it down also! DON'T use this program because the people who are making it do not know what they are doing compared to others out there! "FOR VISTA" I would recommend MZ VISTA FORCE because it WORKS and is free and you don't have to pay for basic tweaks! This software is "GARBAGE" in my "OPINION" and should be removed!!!! IT SLOWED DOWN my 3 computers that use "WINDOWS - 2000,XP,HOME PREMIUM" just wanted to let everyone know this before they used it.....Hope this helps... GOD BLESS and best of luck all!

"TweakVI Basic 1.0.1060"

by: Goodold


Other Thoughts:

05/26/07 TweakVI Basic 1.0.1060
It ran perfect the first day I set it up. However, the next time I started my Vista Home Premium running on a HP Laptop wih 1mg Ram and a 1.6 GH AMD Taurine (4) processor, I believe the Vista OS somehow returned itself to the original default OS settings. I wasted hours of tweaking only to arrive the nest day with the DIM Vista defaults. :-/

"Basic Version.."

by: Chaz


Other Thoughts:

It's good.. for a Freebie..


by: Jordan


Other Thoughts:

Great tool to speed up vista.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found